Monday, December 14, 2009


I had to concede my 12 Tags challenge...what with everything else going on, and inventory taking way longer than I anticipated (man do I have a tonne of stuff in in that store!) it really wasn't reasonable to expect of myself (yes Stephanie I know!) to get them done so quickly. But! If you have them done then you can win, in the colour of your choice, a Distress Stamp Pad, A Distress Reinker and a Distress Stickles! You just have to bring them in for me to ooooh and ahhhhh over by this Saturday at 6pm.

I did manage to get 5 completed and another 2 started. I have most of the rest of what I need to finish them up and then send a picture in to Tim to be entered in his mega draw! I'm sure he's pretty happy that they are done also! There is one tag that is going to be pretty hard to copy - the one that has the 'make your own brads' since I don't have that tool, although it would be fun to play with.

Going to get back to doing some work on my newsletter for this Wednesday...hope your week started off great!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

My daughter is an elf... are some pics of her interview with Santa.

The greeting...

...discussing her qualifications...

...turning on the charm and showcasing snuggling skills...

Santa offering competitive wages and benefits...

...while Emma ramps up her cute factor to 110...shall we see this up close?

...and the offer has been made and accepted!

Proud mama with her this photo...

Have a great week!


Friday, December 4, 2009

#2 & #3 done too!

Just finished up 2 more...again made a few changes from Tim's...

1. I didn't have the large Frame stamp that he used so I just used the large flourish that has a oval frame in the middle with the antique linen embossing powder. It made the tag pretty busy.

2. To counter the faintness of the 'Seasons Greetings' I crystal laquered the letters and made them shiny as black archival ink tends to be a nice black but very matte finish.

3. The rose wasn't that difficult to do - he really breaks it down into baby steps. However people who have problems with their hands will find this technique hard because you need to create controlled pressure to roll the petals backwards with the pliers. Belle Notte- if you have a choice between pliers that have ridges (ie the one you would purchase in a hardware store) and a pair of smooth round pliers that you use when beading - go for the smooth. The hardware store brand left marks on my flowers that I would have preferred not be there.

4. You can buff too much off the corners. I went right down to the silver from the gold finish. OOops.

Had fun with the alcohol inks! Was wondering when he would bring them out!

1. I used his ruler to keep my passes with the applicator tool straight. This worked ridiculously well and since the alcohol ink dries so quickly on the paper I didn't have to wait at all between passes - much. I did pick up a little bit of ink on my ruler that I later tried to remove with Blending solution - which worked too well since I started to notice I was removing even the grid lines from the ruler! ACK! So be careful with the blending solution around the Tim Ruler!

1.a. The technique with the alcohol ink took me a few times of doing to get a look I like. If you buy a sheet of 12 x 12 Glossy Paper, cut it up into 3" x 6" pieces and have fun playing!

2. I used snaps in the corners as opposed to the washer and fasteners he used. I like my way better!

3. Had to steal a jump ring from a large swivel clasp as my order of jump rings aren't in until next week to attach the philosophy tag to the trinket pin. When my order comes in I'll replace it...if I remember...

As for Tag #4 - what the heck...!??!

I have just placed an order for the Cut'N'Dry Felt, Memory Glass and Memory Frames that I don't have in stock atm. I do have all of the Reinkers for the Distress Inks - just got them in today.

Anyways - I'll be prepping the tag part tomorrow for Tag #4 so when I do get my 'Tim-bits' in, I'll be able to finish it pretty quickly. Good thing I didn't commit to doing one tag per day! =)

Have an awesome weekend! Hope to see you anytime on Sat Dec 5 - we are having an all day, 12 hour potlock crop! It's going to be fun!

Come Play!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

I do have the first tag done...

So I am on top of things it seems with getting at least the first tag done!

Some things I did differently,

1. The ribbon was a bright silver but I toned it down with some Faded Jeans Ink and the Blending Tool - I don't know why I keep having to be reminded that I can make or alter embellishments to work with the colours or project that I am doing. Loved adding wire to it.

2. Don't have a dymo that can do script writing but would love to know where I can get my hands on one. Make that two as I think Stephie would want one too. Left it open in case inpiration strikes later.

3. Didn't have any Picket Fence Distress Stickles (Neither in my personal stash or on the shelf to my dismay) and instead chose Star Dust Stickles to make the icicles along the top of the tag. Really liked doing it this way - also smeared a bit of the extra stickles along the bottom of the tag and on the snowman for some extra "ooh pretty bling' effect.

Otherwise had most of the product that Tim suggested to use. It didn't take too long to do the tag (time flies!) but it wasn't so much creating as it was following his steps which are painstakingly broken down and super easy to follow.

I hope to give it a try or put your own spin on it. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a 'Jenn Tag' Class in the New year!


PS I also have Tag #2 almost completed and I don't think I'll have any problems with getting Tags #3 done tomorrow morning, but it seems I am falling behind a bit. Oh well, I will make it up sometime!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

He started! The first tag is posted!

And it's gorgeous! Wow Wow WOW!!!!

Click HERE to see it...

As I was reading through the 'play by play' of how to make the card, I was saying - yup got that too...this is going to totally rock! Now all I need is my tags!

Steph is picking them up for me at her end of town and I'll have them this afternoon! I may start on the snowman part first and get the tag part done later...only thing I don't have is wire to make my own wired ribbon...hmmmmmm will need to see if I can get my hands on some stat!

Hope you enjoy doing your tags and check out the Member's Newsletter tomorrow for the details on what I am giving away if you decide to enter the challenge and I lose!

Have an fab week!


Friday, November 27, 2009

Tim's 12 Tags...

I am very much looking forward to this event starting next week...

Despite a serious personal setback of having all of his personal and creative items jacked out of his car about 10 days ago, Tim is going forward with doing his annual, and much anticipated 12 tags of Christmas.

I just put an order in for 1000 #8 tags.

What...? It was the minimum ok? If you are looking to do some of these tags I will have them for sale next week in the store at $1.95/dozen. I will also be trying to do a tag per day, or to get 12 tags done in the 12 days he is doing them as well.

In fact I am going to do one better...I have a challenge for you all out there.

If I don't make 12 tags (they aren't necessarily going to be exactly like Tim's but I will try out his techniques) but you do, I will give you a Tim Holtz-ish prize. I will post my tags here on my blog as I make them between the dates of Dec 1 and Dec 12. May not be one per day, but will try.

If I fail in my personal challenge, but you succeed, that deserves a reward in my book! More details to come in the next few days!

I am so excited!

Have a great day!


PS I am also opening this challange up to Scrapbox Employees! The game starts in 4 days!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Both the Canadian Scrapbooker Winter Edition 09 and Canadian Scrapbooker Basics Volume 5 landed with a resounding THUMP on my doorstep 10 mins ago! The article for The Scrapbox is on page 132 (I think) and it looks awesome!!!!!

If you have asked for it to be set aside for you, we have done so. If not, hustle your bustle down and get your own copy before they fly out the door!

OH so excited!



Monday, November 23, 2009

Basic Grey Paper Pack Winner is...

...Heather Millar!

Congratulations Heather! Please let me know which paper pack you want and when they come in at the end of December it will be tucked away nice and safe for you!

If you didn't get a free paper pack but would love some of the new Basic Grey Origins or Sugar Rush, just drop me a line at and I would be happy to add it to my pre-order!

Hope to see you this week!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back safely from TO!

Had an awesome weekend. Visited with my cousins and ate super gourmet food. Felt like I was a judge at the Iron Chef. My cousin loved the handmade box that I bought from L. and the kids loved the chocolates that I filled the box with. The day went by way too fast and the kids had fun with the gingerbread houses and the basement that was a complete children haven.

Before I knew it I was back home and I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.

Looking forward to this week! Lots of things happening!

Tomorrow I announce who won the Basic Grey Paper Pack as was mentioned in last week's newsletter.

The day after that I receive a brand new line of product and paper to The Scrapbox...want to know what it is? Stay tuned my lovelies...

The day after THAT I should have in stock 100 copies of The Canadian Scrapbooker that will be showcasing The Scrapbox as it's featured Local Scrapbooking Store.

This all happens before I open the doors of the store for the week =) You won't want to miss a thing!

off to bed. Have an awesome week.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Off to TO for the weekend... an unprecedented, but highly anticipated event, I will be taking my little family to Toronto this weekend for a very early Christmas gathering of my 'side' of the family.

I'd heard about this trend of families getting together a month ahead of the actual date to celebrate Christmas and I was one of those who scoffed at the concept - at first. I was young - forgive me. I didn't realize just how busy Christmas could get and how much less I would enjoy it because the people I wanted to see most were either sick, stressed out, working, on call or just plain frazzled due to the 'happiest time of the year'. And I usually had to travel 4 hours (or more) in the worst of winter weather just to see the closest of my relatives - don't get me started about what happened last Christmas en route to my mother's. I'd need a bottle of wine just to get started.

However this year my cousin - how I love her - invited 'the family' to her place this year, in the lovely Beaches area of East Toronto and if the weather network is to be believed, the weather will be a nice, sunny 9 degrees.

It's going to be a lovely day all the way around, with all the little great neices and nephews in attendance (all 5 of my Nana's Great-grandchildren being together happens all too rarely. I'm putting a prayer in now that we can get a good pic of them in one spot, and maybe smiling?). In fact every single member of our little clan has all agreed to come and that in and of itself is a Christmas Wish come true. I'll be able to spend time with my cousins, who are awesome, talented, smart and beautiful and I am blessed that they love me and I get to love them. My mothers siblings and their best friends will be there too...looking on as my generation deal with the children and loving not have to be 'the heavy'. Being grandparents sit very easily on their shoulders.

Where do I sign up for this Christmas? I'll take two please.

The only question that remains is this...should I tell my cousin that I bought 3 gingerbread kits today and that I plan to bring them up to her place so all 5 kids can get super charged on icing and gum drops? Or should I leave it a big suprise...

Oh she'll love it. Maybe I'll wrap them in a Scrapbox Apron.

Have a great week.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

And the final winners are....!

Ok so a few more winners to announce, but first I want to thank everyone for making this past week fly way above my expectations - special thanks to my family and my mother for making the trip up last weekend. Also my staff that I simply cannot do without! You're awesome!

Ok - without further ado...

Friday's Daily Draw of Cosmo Cricket's 'Jolly by Golly' Paper Pack is
...Allison Richard! Congratulations Allison!

The winner of the AMM Purse and Wallet....Wanda Bedard!

The Grand Prize Winner is Lori Pothier!

Congratulations to all the winners and I hope that you come on down and get your picture taken with me so I can show everyone who the lucky members are!

Here are a few pics I've snagged over this last week...

Wednesday's Prize Winner!

Thursday's Prize Winner!

Fun today at the Tim Class!

Jenn being nervous about pulling the last ticket!!!

Thanks for being with me all week folks! Hopefully I can keep the blog posting thing going!

Have a great weekend.


Friday, November 13, 2009

And the next winner is...

...sorry for the suspense...

Member # 193 SHONTELLE MCNAUGHTON! Congratulations Shontelle! I had a picture of your prize - a lovely K & Co Mini album kit - hope you love it!

The 2nd Anniversary Celebration week is going awesome! Thank you everyone and if you haven't made it in yet to take advantage of the sales and getting your tickets for the draws, you still have today and tomorrow to get-r-done!

HAve to dash - will update more later!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

And the second winner is... of my long time Scrapbox Studio Members Anne Miller! Congratulations Anne! I hope to see you soon to bestow upon you the prizes of Glimmer Mist Screens, Cherub Pink Glimmer Mist and Gold Perfect Pearls Powder! Use them in good health and happy scrapping!

Extra Bonus Ticket Item today:

Any Cuttlebug Folder! Yes! Buy one Cuttlebug Folder and get one bonus ticket into the awesome draws this week! Buy 10 Cuttlebug Folders and receive 10 Bonus tickets! I am sure you get the idea...

Still Bonus Ticket Items!
-Any Spellbinder Die!
-Any Martha Steward Punch!
-Any Fancy Pants 12x12 Stamp Set!

All Week! Come on down to get yourself into the draws!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Scrapbox Studio Newsletter - this week only!



That pretty much sums up our day this past Saturday – WOW! It was so awesome to see everyone and have fun with the doorcrasher sales, cropping, eating (oh lord the eating. The food was soooooo good!) the make & takes and the photo ops! A special thank you to my dear mom who spent the whole day by my side practically, chipping in whenever I needed it! You’re the best Mom!

But the celebrations continue! All week (During Regular Business Hours) we will be having more sales, more Make&Takes and more giveaways! Make sure you check out my BLOG (may as well make it one of your favorites now) to see daily updates!

Did you sign up and pay for classes for November and December? Did you know that you are then entitled to a bonus ticket to get into these fabulous draws? Come in and claim them! Talk to any of our capable staff to get into these fabulous draws! Did you know that repeating yourself is a great way to get a point across? Sorry...

I'll make it up to ya'll... I'm feeling like giving something else away! That’s right – If you are a Scrapbox Member, and you are reading this, make a comment on this post and you are automatically entered to win this fabulous (and very pink) handbag and matching wallet from AMM! You have until Saturday Nov 14rth at 6pm and then I will make the random draw at The Scrapbox and post it here!

Wow! Pink!

What else can I tell you about this week other than it’s supreme awesomeness? Oh yes, new product that I got in!

Provocraft Embossing Folders – Brand New and just in time for the holidays. If you pre-ordered any of these Holiday Folders, they have been put aside for you! If you wanted to look before you buy, come on down and check them out!

We also got in a reorder of Bo Bunny’s latest and HOTTEST paper line Snowy Serenade. I have never had a paper line fly out the door like this one ladies so you had better check it out now.

Websters Pages – Embellishments for their latest lines are finally here!

Whimsy Threads

Fabric Fancies

Silhouettes from Paris

And they are just drop dead gorgeous. I have a limited supply of these so don't be disappointed!*&*&*&*&

Sneak Peak at The Copic Card Class on Tues Nov 17th!

Learn some of the techniques that you can do with the copic other than as a basic marker! Blending, air brushing, altering bling and ribbon! Have fun also with “Outline” stickers (sometimes called ‘Peel-offs’) in a holiday setting. Class is sold out but if you were interested in taking this class in December, I am willing to repeat the class! Call me asap to put your name down on a list for December and make sure you tell us if an afternoon is better or an evening!


Door Crasher Sales Still in Effect!

Check out all that is on sale all week long! Until supplies last!

Fancy Pants Stamps 12 x 12 – all! (Now a Bonus Ticket item!)
Reg Price : $49.95
Sale Price : $24.95

Fancy Pants Stamps 6x6
Reg Price : $19.95
Sale Price : $8.97

Fancy Pants Chipboard 12 x 12
Reg Price : $19.95
Sale Price : $8.97

Fancy Pants Chipboard 6x6
Reg Price : $6.95
Sale Price : $3.33

Fancy Pants Chipboard Album 8x8
Reg Price :$14.95
Sale Price :$

Making Memories Embellie Jar – Noteworthy Edition
Reg Price: $14.95
Sale Price: $7.49

Coupon for the week

40% off All Halloween Items until they are gone!
25% off Hambly Rubons

Thank you for checking out my Blog. I hope that you will check back regularily this week and in the future for all the exciting updates about The Scrapbox! We will return to our regular newsletter next week!

Did you know that if you become a Scrapbox Blog Follower you get a free ticket into the draw? Just click on the link below and to the left and follow the prompts! The post a comment on my blog and I will toss in an extra ticket on your behalf!

Thanks again!

Jenn, her Divas and her Angels

Sunday, November 8, 2009

And the first winner is!

Congratulations to our very newest Scrapbox Member, just signed up on Saturday to crop the day away with us....Emma Kinnaird! If I have spelled your name wrong I apologize! Your prize of a collection of distressed products will be waiting for you to pick up at your convenience!

We had an AWESOME day on Saturday and I want to thank everyone who came out on Saturday to share it with us! But the fun doesn't stop - it goes on all week so I hope you can make it out any day this week that we are open (wed - fri noon till nine, and sat nine to 6) to get in on the rest of the prizes!

Special Bonus ticket items are...

1. Martha Stewart Punches! Any and all...

2. Spellbinder dies - any!

3. 12 x 12 Fancy Pants Stamp sets - now 50% off! I have quite a selection left on the back wall with all the other fabulous sales still available.

Will bring you more updates tomorrow but have to go play Rumicube will my Mom.

Scrap happy!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tim Holtz Class tonite rocked!

Just did my first Tim Holtz Mini luggage class tonite and it totally rocked the casbah! We were all done one minute to 9pm and I was very impressed with how everyone was able to get all their little bits to work so beautifully together!

Very Cool!

Product Update!

Just received in the Making Memories Vintage Findings and it's up on the wall ready to go into your little scrappin paws! Just gorgeous product - from paper to embellies to just everything! You must see it!

Remeber starting on Saturday is our big Celebration week going on for The Scrapbox's Second Anniversary! Enter to win prizes! Totally save on the fun doorcrasher sales I will have up on the back wall of the store (enter the store, go straight to the back wall and you can't miss it!)

The store is absolutly stuffed with product - Martha Stewart punches are beautiful and taking up a good portion of my wall. Loving the new ribbons I got in from Creative Impressions and well - just come on down!

Going to get some sleep - the next few days are going to be crazy, but at least I will have my mummy with me for most of it!

Hope to see you soon!


Tim Holtz Class tonite rocked!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween is but a memory...

Emma started planning for Hallween back in September and she enjoyed herself thoroughly last Sat night. Now of course she is planning for Christmas and telling me all about what she wants Santa to bring her...oi!

I am in the midst of planning as well - The Scrapbox's Second Anniversary is starting this Saturday Nov 7th and it's going to be HUGE! All next week there are going to be sales, make & Takes and daily draws so if you want to get in on it, stay tuned here for all the updates and daily winners!

Newsletter going out today about all that is going on! If you are a Member of the Scrapbox Studio you are going to want to check your email later on today! If you aren't a Member of The Scrapbox Studio - ask yourself why not!

New Product in at The Scrapbox this week!

Martha Stewart punches! Easy action and beautiful results...

Making Memories Vintage Findings will be in Thursday at some point - up on the shelves by Friday at the latest but you are always welcome to come help us open the boxes and ooh and aah with us!

Be back later with updates!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Product in at the store!

New in this week!

Copic Markers - 72 new Sketch Marker Colours, brilliant and beautiful! An entirely new set of markers here-to unknown and and unseen before in The Scrapbox!

Want to lear more about Copic Markers and the techniques used to colour with them? I am hosting a Copic Class on Nov 17th at 6pm. Call the store at 613-745-2215 to reserve your spot!

Hambly Studio's Rubs, Screens and Paper are now in at The Scrapbox! Delicate, airy, diverse and eclectic - these need to be seen so come on down to The Scrapbox now!

Have an awesome night!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Today at Proulx Farm

I suppose if something is done 2 years in a row it could be loosely considered a tradition? I suppose even a tradition of 100 years needs to have year one and two...

Anyway, today I took Emma to the Proulx farm with her cousins and Auntie M. and the kids had a ball in the beautiful weather (it got to +11!!!) and the mounds of hay bales, mazes, costumed mannequins and hay ride. My sister-in-law and I ambled behind the kids as they tumbled along like a three-headed straw covered bundle of excitement. Emma would tell anyone who listened that she was going to be a 'Princess-Kitty' this year for Halloween and her cousins good naturedly posed for me whenever I aimed the camera at them.

Here are some pics that I hope that I get to scrap one day...

My "rawk-stah" niece...

My daughter wants to know if she grew any from last year...

Love that blue sky!

A little mischief never hurt anyone!

Auntie Jenn! Auntie Jenn! Look at me! Look at me!

After our romp through the Proulx farm we picked out some pumkins and headed home. Emma couldn't resist painting her pumpkin right away (I have in the past carved pumpkins but I prefer nowadays to paint them so that the pumpkins last longer and then maybe we can get a pie out of it...)

My daughter and I share the same tendancy to assume very very serious faces when we concentrate on something...only she's cuter at being serious than I am!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Debby Schuh!

I would like to share with you a story from my Creative Escapes 09 Arizona Adventure ™!

During the entire event fundraising efforts were ongoing by the organizers to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. One of their fundraising ideas was to ask the teachers of Creative Escapes Past and Present to decorate a lamp from Ikea and then donate it in a raffle.

The CE attendees would then purchase tickets and deposit them into the ballot boxes that were placed in front of each lovely lamp (there were over a dozen such lamps in the raffle, and then Heidi and Tim's lamps were going to be auctioned on Sat Night - but that is a whole other story)

These lamps were on display in one of the main halls, a constant reminder to the attendees that would be passing by them to and from each class. I stopped and admired them many times on my frequent trips past and finally could stand it no more. I purchased 5 tickets for $20 and put one in each of my favorite lamps, then thought no more of it. I had done my part in donating to a worthy cause and figured that even if I did won a lamp it would be impossible for me to get back to Canada undamaged.

Saturday Night rolls around and after an awesome dinner, and all the door prizes called out, they anounced the winner of the lamps (pre-drawn before dinner) I recognized my name being called out - I won a lamp! And what a beautiful delicate thing is was, with a pink shade and a bird house motif - I was thrilled to receive it from the hands of Debby Schuh one of my favorite teachers of the whole event (after Tim of course...yes yes...)

I had struck a really warm and easy rapport with Debby during our class time together - so much so that I had approached her with a tenative invitation to come up to The Scrapbox and teach should her busy schedule allowed. She seemed to be just as happy to have me have her lovely lamp as I was to receive it. Very kismet all the way around.

The reason I am bringing this up now is that I would like to announce that I have indeed been in touch with Debby early this week and we are working on firm plans for her to visit us in spring of 2010!

I would like to invite you all to to email me at if you are interested in being on a special mailing list that I will send out monthly newsletters or updates about this very fun and exciting event! Be the first in the know! Tell your scrappin friends!

If you would like to learn more about Debby and see her beautiful work, please visit her blog HERE! I thoroughly enjoyed her class, her style of teaching and her awesome attitude about documenting life's minutae in scrapbooking.

Have an awesome Wednesday!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Update of sorts...

The last Scrapbox Yard Sale was a huge success this past Saturday, with Venders and customers looking very satisfied as goodies exchanged hands and found their way to new happy scrappin homes! If you missed out this past Saturday no worries - next Spring will bring another Yard Sale and a whole slew of new bargains to be had! Stay tuned!

For those of you who did see me on Saturday, apparently I was looking a bit worse for wear. I was fighting off a cold all last week and by Saturday the cold had the upper hand. I made it through the day however with the awesome support of my staff and customers and while Sat night wasn't fun (it was the coughing phase) my dear husband muscled some foul tasting cough syrup into me (it was absolutly vile) I was able to get some sleep. On Sunday he took Emma out for a few hours allowing me more sleep and rest and today if feel much improved...yay to thoughtful husbands!

This week is shaping up to be an awesome week! I still have FREE Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazines to give to my Scrapbox Members (don't forget your membership card) and if you don't have a membership - ask yourself why not?!? Tons of bennies, discounts and a free magazine 4 times a year! Call us at 613-745-2215 for more info!

Hope you all have a great week!


Friday, September 25, 2009

ATC night Tonite! Sneak Peak!

Every wonder what an ATC is? Come on down to The Scrapbox to find out, tonite Friday Sept 25th starting at 5pm we are doing Make & Takes! The best way to learn is hands on and we always have a fun new product or technique to pass along! Check out the pic for a sneak peak at what we are doing tonite! Then at 7pm we will be trading ATC's. Hope to see you there!

New Product in the Store - Pink Paislee Mistletoe!

Just got in and up on the walls Pink Paislee's Christmas offering : Mistletoe & Company

Pink Paislee is really catching my eye lately with their rich colours and classy designs - so many things one could do with this paper line!

Come on down and be the first to get your hands on this awesome product!


PS Don't forget - Yard Sale Tomorrow, Sat Sept 26th at The Scrapbox! Starts exactly at 9am and the best deals in town abound! Hope to see you there!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Love Fabric? Check it out...

I got this tip from the coordinator MaryAnn:

Hi Jenn, Saw your scrapbookers group on Facebook and thought some of your members would love to go to this charity event - OTTAWA FABRIC FLEA MARKET 2009. So many great bits and pieces are available there to incorporate in scrapbooking - from vintage buttons to trims, etc. etc. I'm sure crafters will be inspired and the school needs the fundraising, so it's all win win. Please check out the link. Hope you'll find this worth sharing with your group.

Ok for some reason the link isn't embedding itself nicely into the post so just copy and paste it into your address bar...sorry!

Here is what her facebook says...

Saturday, Oct. 17th
10 am - 2 pm
Glebe Community Centre
175 Third Avenue at Lyon

Vintage and new!

Fabric, patterns, needlework supplies, knitting & weaving yarns, buttons, ribbons, etc. You never know what treasures you will find!

All this and more at the 15th Fabric Flea Market - held to benefit Cambridge Street Community School.

This is an event NOT to be missed! Prepare to see a lot of happy women in one place. Have a bite at The Pantry - yum!

Crafts, Charity and Children - who could resist this combination? Not me! I'd have gone myself if I wasn't hosting a rockin crop at The Scrapbox.

Pass along the good word...



Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yard Sale this Saturday Sept 26th!

This is the last Yard Sale of the year at The Scrapbox and you don't want to miss it!

Starting at 9am on Sat Sept 26th, the door will fly open and Jenn will get out of the way of all the bargain hunters (it's just safer that way) and then the fun starts! Stamps, tools, paper, storage, totes, stickers, rub ons, flowers, beads and baubles galore! You cold find that older paper line that you need to finish off the layout you have been working on! Who knows? Everything goes at the Yard Sale!

Want to be a vender? Want to purge the scrap room and get fat credit at The Scrapbox?

There are still spaces available - get a free half of an 8 foot table to sell your wares and please the hubby at the same time! Call us at 613-745-2215 to reserve your spot now!

Come Play!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Basic Grey is in!

Yup - Basic Grey is in the store and being tossed up on the shelves!

What arrived : Indian Summer - all of it =)
Eerie - all of it! =)
Eskimo Kisses! All of it too!

Also in - Prima flowers and bling from CHA 09 Summer - it's absolutely delish!

Come on down to the Scrapbox on Sat Sept 12 from 9am to 9pm - open late because it's the ultra Pamper Potluck crop!



Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Creative Escape Expose!

Wed Sept 9th at 6pm is when I show off all the projects that I was priveledged to create at Creative Escapes - want to hear what went on? Hear the stories that aren't on the blogs? Join us in the Studio!

My store is absolutly stuffed to the gills with product that came in a landslide last week - Graphics 45 (all of it), Websters Pages (all of it!), Bo Bunny (5 out of the 7 lines they released and all of it gorgeous!), and Little Yellow Bicycle's "Autumn Bliss" and Halloween Line. Also got in MME's Halloween paper and so things are getting a bit spooky at the Scrapbox ranch but hey it all good.

Also just got in some American Crafts ZING! Embossing powders...OMG these things are awesome! Love the possibilities...come on down to check it out.

Time for bed - hope that you are all doing well and that we see you soon at The Scrapbox!


Monday, August 31, 2009

Safely home again...

It's wonderful to get away, and it's always wonderful to come home again - especially after travelling all day.

To say that I had a good time would not fully encompass the experience - actually it would diminish it, make it less than it was. CE was one of those experiences that allowed me to stop at a crossroads and contimplate the different ways my life could go and could be. At the end of the weekend, while I am wheeling my bags down to the lobby, I am thought-sorting and I hear my own voice cheerfully exclaiming - "Off to a new adventure!"

"but..." my older cynical voice replied back, " are just going home after *having* an amazing and very new adventure. How could anything possibley compare with that?"

"Ah, but there be the challenge isn't it? every day can be a new adventure, a 'once in a lifetime moment' if you want it to be one - if you *choose* it to be one.'

This new voice in my head (Just to clarify, no I am not crazy. I have different voices ni my head and they all reflect the different facets of my personality - this facet was a new one) continued to chatter away about possibilities, opportunities and directions I hadn't previously contemplated. It was almost dreamlike, this voice was boosting me to rise up out-of-body to see a bigger picture, a broader plane of experience that was waiting for me to reach out and grasp, now that I could see it.

No I'm not going to close my scrapbooking store and go and herd goats on a mountain top somewhere. I am very content with my life here in Ottawa, with my family and my store. But I am looking for more than content, more than the everyday that happens everyday. To reach out as far as I can go with my arms wide open to experience all that it is within my potential to experience.

Well I think that is enough introspection for one evening. I am very glad that I booked the CE Expose with enough time to gather my wits, complete my projects and put together all the points that I want to share with all of you that decide to join me at the store on Wed Sept 9th at 6pm. It will be a time of sharing.

Have a great night...


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ok - have to blog super fast...

So I am at the Hertz booth again, and I have to write even faster because Linda and I have to do our Passport Hunt to get in for the draw tonite. We are really cutting it close but hey, every moment has been packed with something interesting so far!

I am going to post a bunch of sneak peaks of the classes I did yesterday (5 in total including last night's Friday Night Extravaganza) but I will not fully reveal my projects (I have decided this while eating a very delicous Sprinkles Cupcake) until September 9th when we have our Open House at The Scrapbox where you can come in and see, touch and poke at what we did down here in Az.

Ok so with those tantalizing tidbits - we are on the run again!


PS First class today is with t!m - ooooooh can't wait.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Yesterday was huge for me. Unfortunatly I am hiding out at the Hertz booth (6am local time) because I forgot to charge my laptop and there aren't any outlets in the lobby - which is the only place that has free wireless internet. So - going to have to post v. fast!

Yesterday started off by going to the Aji Spa which is adjacent to the hotel. OMG I have NEVER been so pampered. The service and the amenities - just first class. Very much enjoyed my pedicure and my esthetician happily took some pictures of me in my robs on my pedi-throne! Will post those later when I have more time...I'm uploading the 219 pictures from my camera chip card to my laptop right now.

Actually before the spa was breakfast here in the hotel - their casual dining restaurant they call it - well I have never had a bowl of oatmeal like that before. It makes me think of my divas who like to take pictures of their food - I should have taken pics of this. Awesome Awesome!

So after the Spa, I met up again with Linda (who I will introduce more later, but we are having wuite the giggle fest down here) and we went off to the Technique Boutique which was one or two make & takes and some product pick up. We also were able to purchase the designer buttons (now on my apron) and drop off our ticket stubs into the big cauldron for all the door prizes that were donated by different companies. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Then there was the trunk show (this is derived from an older time when quilters would bring trunks full of their blankets to display at a craft fair) where we were able to meet all of the teachers/designers and gawk at their hand made product.

I finally got to meet Tim.

He was just as funny, personable and charming as I thought he would be. We chatted for a few minutes, he signed my autograph book (CE 2009 of course) and then came the photo Op - yup here is the pic of me and Tim!

Now as some of you know, and now the whole world is going to know, the outfit that I'm wearing in the picture was picked out of the Pajama section of Addition-elle, but I bought it originally to lounge around at Nav Can last spring. I've since worn it even to work because it's pretty and so darn comfortable. But I have to wonder, how many ladies can say that they have had their picture taken with Tim in their PJs? Hee hee.

So later of course, I got the bright idea that I should have gotten him to sign my apron - we had just done a little make & take with Kryon paint markers - so I am going to see if he will sign it in my class with him tomorrow morning. Keep your fingers crossed!

I also met Heidi - what a character! She's a little bundle of energy with a big smile and quirky sense of humor. Anyways, without further ado, this is what she wrote in my autograph book...

To cap this off quick because I am starting to see alot more people walking around since I don't have a clue as to how to rent a car, I took alot of pictures of the work that I saw at the trunk show - everything was stunning - just stunning. Will have it all to show when we get back.

So today the classes start. I have about a half hour before we go for breakfast and I want to make sure I have everything because I hope I don't have to make the trip back to the room if I can avoid it. Lets just say that the distance that we have to walk from where 'everything happens' to our room is a good 8-10 minute walk - no word of a lie. At least I'm getting my exercise in!

Hope you enjoyed the post - check in tomorrow morning for the next post and if you want to hear the WHOLE story, be sure to pencil in Sept 9, Wed at 6pm, to see the pics, the projects, the apron (hopefully to be autographed - maybe even by heidi and tim....wooooooo).

Love ya later!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Safe and sound in AZ!

Ok, I'm going to get this part of the post over with now - it's frikkin hot down here. I avoid going outside like I avoid having to stick my hand in boiling hot water. Ok - enough about that.

It is beautiful though, in a barren and empty sort of way. The mountains rear up in the distance and although the ground seems burnt and dusty, there are more trees and clumps of bushes (and very tall cacti!) that break up the monotony of the ochre stained earth.

The hotel I am staying at is owned by a native organization and the architecture and ambiance reflects that. Beautiful reds, yellows, oranges and browns are blended together and cool flagstone tile is mesmerizing to walk upon. And then...I see hints of lime zebra??!?

Yup - that would be the signature colours of this years Creative Escape event, which officially starts today with the registration at noon (I am pre-registered booyah!) and the trunk show (meet the designers) with technique boutique (A round of make and takes)and everything - I mean everything - has the CE logo and colours on it. Check it out...

Yes even the water bottles are slapped with CE Labels that brins to mind the time I went to Disney and the level of detail that was given to the even the smallest of things.

(OMG - I just saw two men go out for a jog. Maybe I should call 911 now.)

Anyways - LOVE the lanyard. Close up time!

And here is my itiniary for CE..

After this I will be having a bit of breakfast and relaxing until I have my toes done at the Aji Spa which, contrary to what I thought, is adjacent to the hotel, and not a direct part of it. Which means I will have to go outside...well at least it's still fairly early in the morning so prolly only 100 degrees. Sigh. Where's my water bottle...


Monday, August 24, 2009

35 hours and counting...

Running like mad to get everything done before I fly out very very soon to Creative Escapes in Phoenix Arizona (34 hours or so....eeeeep!) and I just wanted to post here to vent some of that excitement so I can concentrate on my newsletter that I am trying to prep to send out before I leave Wed morning.

I also need to get some sleep. That would be a good idea too.

Ok gotta get back at it!



Monday, August 17, 2009

Creative Escapes Countdown!

I've just updated the classes and events on The Website for September '09so if you wanted to see what was going on - check it out at - both August and September are available and updated as often as possible. If you want to sign up for a class or crop, please call us at -613-745-2215 to confirm your place!

Creative Escapes in 9 days - yipee! Very excited, although I haven't let myself get too excited up until very recently. I suppose that might not make sense but my life can afford little distraction right now but the pull of it has gotten me now! I'm full into planning everything and would like to put a big THANK YOU out to L. for both inviting me and being so very very helpful. It's going to be a blast!

This week at The Scrapbox - I see we have Stephanie's 'All About me! Back to the Prom!' and as we have a few spots left, if you are free Thursday night, give us a call to secure your spot!

We are using a new technique with WR Memory Keeper's Foil and it's a great technique to make an embellishment look gilded yet distressed. Well done Stephanie!

Also this weekend we have our Late Night Crop on Friday until 11pm and then Coffee Crop on Sat from 9-6 pm. We have one or two spots left for either day so give us a call at 613-745-2215 to score one of the few last spots!

Hope we see you soon!


Monday, July 27, 2009

CHA is warming up!

I'm getting pretty excited about all the new releases that are flying out of blogs and homepages...I just got an email from Making Memories this morning about at least 2 new paper lines - one called 'Vintage Findings' (which has been on their website for awhile but we haven't been able to order yet) and one for Christmas perhaps entitled 'Mitletoe' but not 100% on that. From their blog they show a bejewelled spider so I can only assume that they are doing a Halloween line as well.

Basic Grey has released their sneak peaks through their hompage/splashpage as they haev been the last 2 years - so just keep clicking on the 'refrseh' button to cycle through to see all 4 releases - 'Indian Summer', 'Eskimo Kisses', 'Nook and Pantry' and 'Eerie'! - Not sure what is going to be release and in which order but the names sorta give away what the themes are going to be =)

Little Yellow Bicycle have already released their 4 lines - check it out on their website - Their Autumn Bliss Line is going to be one of my favorites for sure! Needless to say I have already placed my order! Yay!

Graphics 45 is also serving up some beautiful product, and I just can't wait to get their 3 lines into my store. Renaissance Faire, Domestic Goddess and Christmas Past! Click and see for yourself!

I know my Diva's can't wait to get their mittens on these products - stay tuned for more updates!

Also - check out all the blog links on the left side of this blog because these companies tend to do ALOT of giveaways through the whole week of CHA to promote their product. Hey if they want to give it away, I'll be glad to receive it!!!

Have a great scrappin week!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Update, short and sweet!

Well Basic Grey has certainly delivered on their goods and both June Bug and Lemonade are up for public consumption and your viewing pleasure! It's awesome!

I've also gotten in new Prima Flowers! They did a late spring release and they are lovely!

Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine is in! If you are a member, please bring your card to receive your free copy! I still have over 100 copies!

And lastly....

YARD SALE! Saturday June 27 starting at 9am!!!! Get in to get good deals!
We won't have another until August, so now is the best time to get your hand on some quality second hand scrapbooking tools and product!

Hope to see you tomorrow!


Monday, June 22, 2009

New Spellbinders Dies - Pendants and Borders!

Spellbinders has released, or are in the process of releasing a new set of dies, and they are making it last by revealing one set of pendants and one set of borderabilities per day - and giving us a chance to win every day leading up to a huge giveaway at the end!

If you are interested - start at the Spellbinder blog - the link is to the left of this post, and read the details on how to enter and win but more importantly, check out the dies and the samples that the DT has come up with - just stunning! I want I want!

But the only way to see them all is to check out a different blog every day so keep checking in every day for the next 7-8 days!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Yard Sale Commeth!

The Second Yard Sale of the Year is coming to The Scrapbox next Saturday June 27 starting at 9am and going until 6pm!

I have just filled the last spot and am anticipating another excellant turnout of tools, stamps, paper, embellies, kits, ribbons, and long lost treasures that you will LOVE to get your hands on at fab prices!

I open the door sharply at 9am! Be there or be a scalloped square!

Have a great weekend...


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Enjoying the moment...


I am watching 'Caddyshack' for the first time in nearly 20 years so it's like seeing for the first time - man was Bill Murray ever skinny!

Anyways - had a great weekend. Had a double crop starting on Friday and got my Tags done for the class next Thursday (see above) and then had an even better time on Saturday! Lets just say that what happens (and what is said) at the Scrapbox - stays at The Scrapbox! =)

Looking forward to this week - lots of classes and fun lining up so check it out at my website and then just let us know what you want to do by calling 613-745-2215 or by emailing me at

I think I'll hit the hay - have an early night of it so we can hit the ground running bright and early!

Hope you have a great scrappin week!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Feeling crafty...

...but missing my T!m. There is a Ranger U this weekend down in the states and I was very tempted to try and apply to go but with everything going on and going down to CE in August, it just was too much for me to handle and still be a decent mom, wife and store owner. So next year is when I will set myself the goal of applying and being accepted to go to Ranger U!

So to apease my creativity, I finished up the tags for my class next week - T!m Holtz Techniques Tags 2nd Edition. I have had alot of fun playing with the products - especially his stamps, perfect pearls, Grungepaper and tiles but also with some Glimmer Mist!

Also debuting will be his mini-stapler (or tiny attacher if you go strictly by the paper included - but they didn't include directions on how to get the tiny staples into it! So if you have one and don't know how to reload your tiny attacher, come to the Scrapbox for some edjuh-muh-ca-shun)

I have ONE spot left for this class next week, Thurs June 11 at 6pm. If you are keen on doing this class, please call the store at 613-745-2215 or email me at . I intend to rerun in August, and possibly July if there is enough interest.

Ok going to bed - hope Brigit and Ludemilla(Sp?) are enyjoying themselves down at RangerU and I so wish I were there! Hugs to ya'll!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yard Sale this Saturday May 30th!

At the Scrapbox this Saturday is the Yard Sale! If you remember from last year, this is an event you don't want to miss!

Great deals on gently used tools and totes, paper and embellishments, kits and bits! The Scrapbox will be opening this Saturday, May 30th at 9am sharp! Come early to get first kick at the fabboo deals!

For the first time, the Scrapbox will also have a table to sell donations and all the proceeds will go towards the 'Scrapping with Cancer' charity! Stamp sets, albums, scrap paper bundles perfect for cardmakers and more! Come meet my Mom who will be 'womanning' the Scrapbox Charity table but be careful - she is a tough negotiator!

Rain or shine, this event will take place in the Studio at The Scrapbox, starting at 9am to 6pm! If you are interested in being a vender, I have only ONE SPOT LEFT! Turn your old scrapbooking supplies into instant credit to get NEW scrapbooking supplies! Just call us at 613-745-2215 to sign up for a half table!

Have a great week and we'll see you there!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Long Weekend!

Had a good long weekend - filled with family and friends and no little BBQ'ing! Oh yeah love that BBQ. So a little bit to catch up on...

A good friend of mine Barb W. made me an adorable card from the Lime Rickey Paper line (just in from Basic Grey - it's awesome!) that has a pocket inside that is perfect for gift cards or (her idea) the small Beta Stamps from Basic Grey that I got in by the gross.

So here are the instructions for this cute card - straight from the designers mouth!

Cut one piece of orange cardstock, 12 x 5.5 inches. Score at 4.25 and 8.5 inches. Cut white cardstock to 4.2 x 5.45. Punch edge of inside flap. Glue white cardstock to inside of card. Use glue lines or glue dots to hold down flap at top and bottom. Decorate the front. :)

Btw, it's made 100% with stuff that I bought at the Scrapbox. DaisyBucket sentiment stamp... unity stamp numbers on the front, Fiskars border punch, Tim Holtz edge distresser, inkpads, Basic Grey papers and chipboard embellishment (Lime Rickey).

Thanks Barb!

The Basic Grey Website is also giving us a sneak peak of what their new release is going to be - I don't want to speculate at this point because all I see is their home page preview (go to and keep refreshing the homepage - it will show you different paper lines - look for the one that has the scottish puppy andn the girly bee - you will understand it when you see it).

I think that just about does it for me. I would like to take a moment to personally blame a few of my customers (You know who you are) who went on and on about the Twilight series of books and now I can't put the silly things down! I'm on book 4 and I hope that I'm not up again until midnight reading about star crossed lovers...again! Curse you! (Shakes fist futiley)

Sigh - will be around for most of this week - lots of classes happening. Keep check the blog for updates on what's going on - you don't want to miss a thing!

Have a fab week!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I know...I know...

....I've been a blog truant, but without boring you with the details of my ever changing, unbelievable life atm but I am making it through, day by day, hour by hour, and even minute by minute.

I know this is just a phase and that things will settle down - I know this. I also know that without the love and support of my friends and family (which in there includes my staff btw) I would not have been able to get through these last few weeks with my sanity or dignity intact. Today was another one of 'those days' of scrabbling about for some bandaid solutions for this week's day care for my DD and I remarked to my DH that either I have gotten better at 'rolling with the punches' or I've become numb to it all. I sure hope that it's the first one.

Anyways! I hope that helps shine a bit of the light on why I have been un-blogging this last week - that and I have been at my mothers in rural Ontario and as such only had dial up - but hopefully you will forgive me when I announce the winner of the Scrapbox $50 Gift Certificate!

And the winner is....!

someone going by the blog name of Theresa & amp Keith!

Congrats and please send me an email at with your full name so that we know who to make the GC out to!

And again - thank you so much for posting here and emailing into Canadian Scrapbooker with your comments about The Scrapbox. I hope that we will always provide the scrap-therapy that your life needs!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You did it!

Hi Everyone!,

Thank you so very much for your letter. I have received so many amazing letters today from wonderful fans of Jenn’s store. I have spoken with Jackie Ludlage (co-founder & editor in chief of Canadian Scrapbooker) and together we decided to feature The Scrapbox in our WINTER 2009 issue!!!!

Thank you again.

Katharina Doyle
Co-founder and Publisher
Canadian Scrapbooker Inc.

I got the call at about 2:30 today from Canadian Scrapbooker's Katharina saying that they 'got the picture' and we are in! That's right!

The Scrapbox is going to be the featured LSS in Canadian Scrapbooker's 2009 Winter Edition! Yeehaw!

I cannot thank you enough for your incredible support and amazing emails and phone calls that Canadian Scrapbooker got today - Katharina was very impressed with the response and is very much looking forward to working with us and hinted it would be great if we had 'an event' when they possibley come to visit us!

Ooooh would we ever! Promise to keep you all updated!

And - if you still want to get into the draw, just put a post here and I'll add you to the $50 Gift Certificate Draw! (Those of you who emailed and CC'd it to me are already in) I'll keep the draw open until the end of my business week, Sat May 9th at 6pm!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This really happened...

I recently had this email conversation with Katharina Doyle, ( Co-founder and Publisher of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine...

Hi Katharina (

As the only LSS left in Ottawa, what would it take to get an expose/article done on my store and studio? Prolly not enough money in my bank acct but would like to know what it would require.

Thanks for the heads up on the magazine coming out at the end of May.

Jenn wrote:

Hi Jenn,

There is no fee for this feature. =)

Please send me an email indicating why, other than your point (above), we should feature your store. Often we receive emails from store customers or employees or owners indicating why a certain store should be featured. We have not yet chosen our feature store for the WINTER 2009 issue…so please send me your reasons why…or have your customers contact me…etc.

Does this help?

Kindest regards,

Katharina Doyle (
Canadian Scrapbooker Inc.

*Jenn falls out of her chair, then gets back up and replies the following*

Hi Katharina!

Ok - well this is a challenge. So you are ok with me giving out your email address to people who would email you about why I should be in your Winter Edition? Just want to be clear...

I'll also come up with something suitable to write to you - will have to think about it though - what sort of time line do I have?

Thanks for the challenge!


Hi Jenn,

Sure, people can email me directly…that is often what our readers do. I look forward to receiving their testimonials.

We will choose our WINTER 2009 LSS by July 1st.

Kindest regards,

Katharina Doyle (
Canadian Scrapbooker Inc.

SOooooo if you haven't already noticed, I have liberally peppered this post with Katharina's email address which is and with her permission - even encouragement, she is asking what is so darn special about The Scrapbox and why should it be featured in an international Scrapbooking Magazine!

I would say it is because of my awesome Divas, Angels and Scrapbox Studio Members but if you can think of something else that might be worth emailing Katharina ( about then please be sure to also CC the email to me at

so I can enter you into a draw for a $50 Gift Certificate! That's right - $50 Gift Certificate for just emailing about why The SCrapbox is Magazine Article Worthy, and be sure to CC it to me so that I can put your name into the draw.

Our deadline is July 1st so we have lots of time to tell everyone we know right?

Thanks in advance,


Sunday, May 3, 2009

NsD...holy moly...

...I am recovering from NSD. I want to thank everyone for coming and participating in all the events we had today and I want to congratulate the winner of 'The Slice' giveaway...

(big pause) my newsletter this week. If you are a member, you will get to know first! If you aren't a member, why not?

Don't worry - if you won something, you would already know =)



Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another short, but hopefully sweet, post...

I would like to think that this 99.9% done but will likely go back and add more bits and bling and of course, journalling.

This layout was inspired by the last big snowfall that happened in March 09 when I was visiting my mother with my DD and we were able to make the last and only snowman together of the season. I loved how Emma's snowsuit was picked up by the bright purples of the Fancy Pants 'Arctic Chill' paper line and the 'Plum' glimmer mist was perfect on my Grungeboard letters (Thanks Rachel!).

I also used pearl "Smooch!" glimmer paint on the grungeboard to make it look like they were snow-caoted. If you haven't gotten a chance to play with these beautiful new paints, I highly recomend you make yourself available on Saturday May 2, NSD, at The Scrapbox as I will be doing a Make & Take with them from 9am to 12pm! Oh did I mention it was free?!? Sheeyah!

I guess this was a decent sized post after all. Will be bringing in my album into the studio tomorrow as I don't really have decent lighting at home.

Have a good night all!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Back Safe and Sound!

I'm home and am very proud of the (almost) completed 9 LO's that I did over the weekend at Nav Can - but have hit the ground running tying to get everything ready for this weekend's NSD Fun on Sat May 2 so will be posting more pics (and better ones) of the LO's I did while away.

Sorry it's so short but want to keep up my bloggin grove!



Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nav Can Creative Chaos!

(This is my creative mess =) and loving it!)

Well I made it here safely yesterday morning and time is absolutly flying by! I had to stop and take a few pictures during a quiet time while folks were at lunch and post them here...

The above was my 'warm up' LO that was a kit of a Stephanie Class from Feb 09 that I took some photos of Emma when she was only 9mos old. Took me most of the day but I knew that it would take me awhile to settle down and get in my groove.


This is the second 2 page LO that I was able to complete last night before turning in. Emma (Of Auntie Em's) and Laura came to visit us and totally had us rolling off our seats laughing so was a bit dsitracting but otherwise I am very pleased with how my day went.

And here is a sneak peak of what I am currently working on...

That's it for now - have to get back at it! Enjoy the day!