Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ok - have to blog super fast...

So I am at the Hertz booth again, and I have to write even faster because Linda and I have to do our Passport Hunt to get in for the draw tonite. We are really cutting it close but hey, every moment has been packed with something interesting so far!

I am going to post a bunch of sneak peaks of the classes I did yesterday (5 in total including last night's Friday Night Extravaganza) but I will not fully reveal my projects (I have decided this while eating a very delicous Sprinkles Cupcake) until September 9th when we have our Open House at The Scrapbox where you can come in and see, touch and poke at what we did down here in Az.

Ok so with those tantalizing tidbits - we are on the run again!


PS First class today is with t!m - ooooooh can't wait.

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