Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All Good Things...

This is the newsletter I sent out yesterday...

This is the hardest news I have had to announce in the last 5 years of The Scrapbox. But here goes...

Effective Wed Dec 5th, at 12pm noon, The Scrapbox will be holding a "Going Out Of Business" Sale of all in-stock products at a discounted rate of 40% off regular price items until Sat Dec 8th at 6pm.

Next week the discount increases to 50%.  

The week after that, everything will be 60% off and then the final week of December, everything will be 70% off the regular price.
Fixtures and select studio equipment/tools etc will also be for sale. If you are interested in anything from this category, please come to the studio to view and purchase these items- Cash only.

Unless however someone or someones wants to purchase The Scrapbox from me, lock, stock and buttons. That is also an option that I am willing to explore. Please forward this on to any interested persons you know.  

I will state for the record the following; I am not dying, nor am I pregnant. I am not getting a divorce nor am I experiencing any familial calamities. I am choosing this to happen at this time, because it is time.  

I have other reasons, more personal, for closing the store but please don't ask me what they are. I'm fairly certain I am going to be very emotional during this last chapter of my LSS Owner career, so let's please try to enjoy as much as we can, the time the store has left open before I hand back my keys.  

Anyways - I know I have a lot more explaining to do, so that is what the rest of this newsletter is about. Please read it carefully, and then read it again. If you still have questions, please reply to this email and I will do my best to clarify how we are going to handle things.  

I will likely have more newsletters to follow with updates. As I think of things that need to be passed along, I will send one out.

Thank you for 5 years of patronage, your company, creativity and unforgettable memories. It has been a life enriching and interesting journey.  

...and thank you for Coming to Play.  

The Scrapbox Studio Membership - I just renewed it!!!

I know - sucks right? I get it - in fact it was the first issue I had to address in my head or I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. You are my faithful Studio Members, returning year after year to support the store, so I want to do right by you.  

Therefore every month beyond December 2012 that you would have been missing out on your membership will turn into a onetime credit on a purchase at the store. I will pro-rate by the number of months that did not get enjoyed and apply it at the time of purchase in December - yes even against sale merchandise.  

You will need to present your current membership card, which will be punched one last time with a very special punch and the credit will be applied at that time. You will be able to come and use the studio in its entirety until December 20th when all studio items that are being purchased will then need to be picked up by their new owners.

I will not be able to refund you your membership outright, nor will I send cheques in the mail. I will only be able to refund as a credit against purchases of new product during the month of December. If you want to figure out what credit you would be entitled to, please click on the link at the side of the newsletter with the PDF chart and see for yourself.  

If you are still unhappy about this policy, I apologize. Asking for your money back in person will not change anything unfortunately. If you are truly upset, please don't take this out on my staff, who are doing everything they possibly can to help me through this transition.  
Thank you.  
About Buying New Product from The Store...

The sales and discounts will occur as stated above. Please note the following:

1. I will not hold anything in the store for anyone at "Clear out Prices". I will not be taking orders by phone, so please don't ask. If you can't make it in, have a friend come in and have them equipped with a cell phone.  

2. For obvious reasons, all sales are final, no matter what it is, and what price you paid for it. HST needs to be charged on all new goods sold, regardless of the price it is sold at. I will still take all the previous forms of payment for new goods (cash, visa, mastercard, amex and debit).

3. I will be open during normal business hours, and will be until the end of the year (or I run out of things to sell). If you need to be reminded what normal business hours are - look down at the bottom of this newsletter.  

This Wed will be Stephanie's last 2 Page Layout Class - the Christmas All About Me at 6pm. We still have room if you are interested. It will be the last class we have at The Scrapbox. 
What about My Birthday Discount!?! !

...but I wanted to buy a Cameo! (or a Vagabond, or another big ticket item...) 
     If you were waiting for your birthday to come so you could order a big ticket item (like a Cameo) that I do not normally carry in stock, then I will honour the Birthday Discount for these items until Dec 31st 2012.  

If you wish to do this, I will place a one
-time order on your behalf and bring it in at 25% off the regular price.  

I will NOT order in something specifically for someone and immediately discount it to 40% off or more. Therefore, I will need to have all of these special items paid for in advance. Please inquire further for details and pricing on big ticket items.

And yet more things to know...

Credits from previous events

If you have a credit on your account, it must be used up by the end of the month. I am not in a position to refund any credit at this time. This was the agreement in which I accepted the funds in the first place to be placed on your account.
Please reply to this email with any questions.
Personal Information

The information I have received over the years - names, addresses, phone #'s etc, will not be traded or sold unless in the fortunate event that a person or persons purchases The Scrapbox as a business in its entirety from me.  

Once all business is completed and my taxes filed, I will then destroy all personal information files - likely with a baseball bat out in the soccer field.

Special Orders  

I have held on to items for people in good faith. If you no longer want these items, please let me know via email or by phone and I will put them on the shelf to sell to the next interested party. I will not hold them longer than December 8th.  

If you decide you still want to purchase these items, please understand that they will only have the 15% discount on them, as this was the understanding when you asked me to hold them for you.

I will be receiving in the Free Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine this week - available first come first served. I will also be getting in the 2013 SCT Sketch Calendar. If you want one of these calendars, please let me know. I will be offering them at 25% off, fresh out of the box.  

Here are the normal business hours for this week.  

Wed Dec 6th: 12pm - 9pm :
@6pm All About Me with Stephanie - Christmas Theme. 6pm - 9pm  

Thurs Dec 7th: 10am - 9pm : @10am -5pm Seniors/Retirees Crop  

Friday Dec 8th: 12pm - 9pm: Crop time!

Sat Dec 9th : 9am - 6pm : Crop Time!

With thanks from

Jenn, The Diva's, and Angels