Monday, August 31, 2009

Safely home again...

It's wonderful to get away, and it's always wonderful to come home again - especially after travelling all day.

To say that I had a good time would not fully encompass the experience - actually it would diminish it, make it less than it was. CE was one of those experiences that allowed me to stop at a crossroads and contimplate the different ways my life could go and could be. At the end of the weekend, while I am wheeling my bags down to the lobby, I am thought-sorting and I hear my own voice cheerfully exclaiming - "Off to a new adventure!"

"but..." my older cynical voice replied back, " are just going home after *having* an amazing and very new adventure. How could anything possibley compare with that?"

"Ah, but there be the challenge isn't it? every day can be a new adventure, a 'once in a lifetime moment' if you want it to be one - if you *choose* it to be one.'

This new voice in my head (Just to clarify, no I am not crazy. I have different voices ni my head and they all reflect the different facets of my personality - this facet was a new one) continued to chatter away about possibilities, opportunities and directions I hadn't previously contemplated. It was almost dreamlike, this voice was boosting me to rise up out-of-body to see a bigger picture, a broader plane of experience that was waiting for me to reach out and grasp, now that I could see it.

No I'm not going to close my scrapbooking store and go and herd goats on a mountain top somewhere. I am very content with my life here in Ottawa, with my family and my store. But I am looking for more than content, more than the everyday that happens everyday. To reach out as far as I can go with my arms wide open to experience all that it is within my potential to experience.

Well I think that is enough introspection for one evening. I am very glad that I booked the CE Expose with enough time to gather my wits, complete my projects and put together all the points that I want to share with all of you that decide to join me at the store on Wed Sept 9th at 6pm. It will be a time of sharing.

Have a great night...


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ok - have to blog super fast...

So I am at the Hertz booth again, and I have to write even faster because Linda and I have to do our Passport Hunt to get in for the draw tonite. We are really cutting it close but hey, every moment has been packed with something interesting so far!

I am going to post a bunch of sneak peaks of the classes I did yesterday (5 in total including last night's Friday Night Extravaganza) but I will not fully reveal my projects (I have decided this while eating a very delicous Sprinkles Cupcake) until September 9th when we have our Open House at The Scrapbox where you can come in and see, touch and poke at what we did down here in Az.

Ok so with those tantalizing tidbits - we are on the run again!


PS First class today is with t!m - ooooooh can't wait.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Yesterday was huge for me. Unfortunatly I am hiding out at the Hertz booth (6am local time) because I forgot to charge my laptop and there aren't any outlets in the lobby - which is the only place that has free wireless internet. So - going to have to post v. fast!

Yesterday started off by going to the Aji Spa which is adjacent to the hotel. OMG I have NEVER been so pampered. The service and the amenities - just first class. Very much enjoyed my pedicure and my esthetician happily took some pictures of me in my robs on my pedi-throne! Will post those later when I have more time...I'm uploading the 219 pictures from my camera chip card to my laptop right now.

Actually before the spa was breakfast here in the hotel - their casual dining restaurant they call it - well I have never had a bowl of oatmeal like that before. It makes me think of my divas who like to take pictures of their food - I should have taken pics of this. Awesome Awesome!

So after the Spa, I met up again with Linda (who I will introduce more later, but we are having wuite the giggle fest down here) and we went off to the Technique Boutique which was one or two make & takes and some product pick up. We also were able to purchase the designer buttons (now on my apron) and drop off our ticket stubs into the big cauldron for all the door prizes that were donated by different companies. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Then there was the trunk show (this is derived from an older time when quilters would bring trunks full of their blankets to display at a craft fair) where we were able to meet all of the teachers/designers and gawk at their hand made product.

I finally got to meet Tim.

He was just as funny, personable and charming as I thought he would be. We chatted for a few minutes, he signed my autograph book (CE 2009 of course) and then came the photo Op - yup here is the pic of me and Tim!

Now as some of you know, and now the whole world is going to know, the outfit that I'm wearing in the picture was picked out of the Pajama section of Addition-elle, but I bought it originally to lounge around at Nav Can last spring. I've since worn it even to work because it's pretty and so darn comfortable. But I have to wonder, how many ladies can say that they have had their picture taken with Tim in their PJs? Hee hee.

So later of course, I got the bright idea that I should have gotten him to sign my apron - we had just done a little make & take with Kryon paint markers - so I am going to see if he will sign it in my class with him tomorrow morning. Keep your fingers crossed!

I also met Heidi - what a character! She's a little bundle of energy with a big smile and quirky sense of humor. Anyways, without further ado, this is what she wrote in my autograph book...

To cap this off quick because I am starting to see alot more people walking around since I don't have a clue as to how to rent a car, I took alot of pictures of the work that I saw at the trunk show - everything was stunning - just stunning. Will have it all to show when we get back.

So today the classes start. I have about a half hour before we go for breakfast and I want to make sure I have everything because I hope I don't have to make the trip back to the room if I can avoid it. Lets just say that the distance that we have to walk from where 'everything happens' to our room is a good 8-10 minute walk - no word of a lie. At least I'm getting my exercise in!

Hope you enjoyed the post - check in tomorrow morning for the next post and if you want to hear the WHOLE story, be sure to pencil in Sept 9, Wed at 6pm, to see the pics, the projects, the apron (hopefully to be autographed - maybe even by heidi and tim....wooooooo).

Love ya later!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Safe and sound in AZ!

Ok, I'm going to get this part of the post over with now - it's frikkin hot down here. I avoid going outside like I avoid having to stick my hand in boiling hot water. Ok - enough about that.

It is beautiful though, in a barren and empty sort of way. The mountains rear up in the distance and although the ground seems burnt and dusty, there are more trees and clumps of bushes (and very tall cacti!) that break up the monotony of the ochre stained earth.

The hotel I am staying at is owned by a native organization and the architecture and ambiance reflects that. Beautiful reds, yellows, oranges and browns are blended together and cool flagstone tile is mesmerizing to walk upon. And then...I see hints of lime zebra??!?

Yup - that would be the signature colours of this years Creative Escape event, which officially starts today with the registration at noon (I am pre-registered booyah!) and the trunk show (meet the designers) with technique boutique (A round of make and takes)and everything - I mean everything - has the CE logo and colours on it. Check it out...

Yes even the water bottles are slapped with CE Labels that brins to mind the time I went to Disney and the level of detail that was given to the even the smallest of things.

(OMG - I just saw two men go out for a jog. Maybe I should call 911 now.)

Anyways - LOVE the lanyard. Close up time!

And here is my itiniary for CE..

After this I will be having a bit of breakfast and relaxing until I have my toes done at the Aji Spa which, contrary to what I thought, is adjacent to the hotel, and not a direct part of it. Which means I will have to go outside...well at least it's still fairly early in the morning so prolly only 100 degrees. Sigh. Where's my water bottle...


Monday, August 24, 2009

35 hours and counting...

Running like mad to get everything done before I fly out very very soon to Creative Escapes in Phoenix Arizona (34 hours or so....eeeeep!) and I just wanted to post here to vent some of that excitement so I can concentrate on my newsletter that I am trying to prep to send out before I leave Wed morning.

I also need to get some sleep. That would be a good idea too.

Ok gotta get back at it!



Monday, August 17, 2009

Creative Escapes Countdown!

I've just updated the classes and events on The Website for September '09so if you wanted to see what was going on - check it out at - both August and September are available and updated as often as possible. If you want to sign up for a class or crop, please call us at -613-745-2215 to confirm your place!

Creative Escapes in 9 days - yipee! Very excited, although I haven't let myself get too excited up until very recently. I suppose that might not make sense but my life can afford little distraction right now but the pull of it has gotten me now! I'm full into planning everything and would like to put a big THANK YOU out to L. for both inviting me and being so very very helpful. It's going to be a blast!

This week at The Scrapbox - I see we have Stephanie's 'All About me! Back to the Prom!' and as we have a few spots left, if you are free Thursday night, give us a call to secure your spot!

We are using a new technique with WR Memory Keeper's Foil and it's a great technique to make an embellishment look gilded yet distressed. Well done Stephanie!

Also this weekend we have our Late Night Crop on Friday until 11pm and then Coffee Crop on Sat from 9-6 pm. We have one or two spots left for either day so give us a call at 613-745-2215 to score one of the few last spots!

Hope we see you soon!