Thursday, August 27, 2009

Safe and sound in AZ!

Ok, I'm going to get this part of the post over with now - it's frikkin hot down here. I avoid going outside like I avoid having to stick my hand in boiling hot water. Ok - enough about that.

It is beautiful though, in a barren and empty sort of way. The mountains rear up in the distance and although the ground seems burnt and dusty, there are more trees and clumps of bushes (and very tall cacti!) that break up the monotony of the ochre stained earth.

The hotel I am staying at is owned by a native organization and the architecture and ambiance reflects that. Beautiful reds, yellows, oranges and browns are blended together and cool flagstone tile is mesmerizing to walk upon. And then...I see hints of lime zebra??!?

Yup - that would be the signature colours of this years Creative Escape event, which officially starts today with the registration at noon (I am pre-registered booyah!) and the trunk show (meet the designers) with technique boutique (A round of make and takes)and everything - I mean everything - has the CE logo and colours on it. Check it out...

Yes even the water bottles are slapped with CE Labels that brins to mind the time I went to Disney and the level of detail that was given to the even the smallest of things.

(OMG - I just saw two men go out for a jog. Maybe I should call 911 now.)

Anyways - LOVE the lanyard. Close up time!

And here is my itiniary for CE..

After this I will be having a bit of breakfast and relaxing until I have my toes done at the Aji Spa which, contrary to what I thought, is adjacent to the hotel, and not a direct part of it. Which means I will have to go outside...well at least it's still fairly early in the morning so prolly only 100 degrees. Sigh. Where's my water bottle...



Stay Funny said...

Enjoy your time! Love the theme!
Drink loads of water and have fun w/L and so what was the secret treats... did i guess right?

Louise Dubord said...

Thank you for keeping us posted. Love the colors and the lanyard, WOW! Have fun, I am soooo jealous!
Don't forget your very cool bottle when you go out!

Joanne C said...

It's only 13 Celsius here. :) I'm delighted to read about Arizona while you are still there. Have lots of fun and I hope you get a picture of Tim!!