Monday, March 30, 2009

Really loving the industry today...

Just stumbled accross...really just about breezed past these very fun and 'new-to-me' stamps that made me stop in my tracks and go 'oh no...' as I could see myself investing in yet another gorgeous line of stamps (still waiting on my T!m stamps from Stampers Anonymous but that's besides the point when these are right in my hand!!!) and these are so pretty and so fresh and I'm in sooo much trouble!

Oh...sorry - Unity Stamps - click HERE to see their website and as you can see I've slapped their blog up with all the other blogs I will be following lots!

Mini-goal for Jenn - new blog to link to my blog every day. Lets put a thumb tack in that little mental note and stick it up between my eyes...

Anyways - I'm thinking you will see a sampling of these lovely new stamps in store very soon...

Come Play!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Few Changes...

I seem to see a pattern in my blog updates - they are far apart and usually start with...I'm sorry!

Well time to make a few changes - and here goes so wish me luck!

1. Write in my blog more often!

2. Not be sorry for something that really isn't my 'fault'.

This doens't seem like a lot at first glance but the more I look at it, the harder that last one is - not to be or feel sorry (or guilty) for things happening that are beyond my control. I wonder if that's just being human or being a woman.

Hmmmm what that is what happens when I am inspired by an individual such as Stacy Julian (check out her blog HERE!) Her motivational 'speech' was exactly that - inspiring and motivating and it still has my little gerbil wheel in my head spinning with all sorts of possibilities. I love that word now...Possibilities...maybe I should adopt that word as my 'word' for 2009.

Well - anyways - not much about The Scrapbox, but lots about how I am doing. The store is doing fabulously well, many thanks to my very loyal customers! This week's Studio Membership newsletter will have the May Schedule Release and as May is National Scrapbooking Month there will be lots to do and see and to win! Stay tuned to find out more!

Night all!