Monday, July 27, 2009

CHA is warming up!

I'm getting pretty excited about all the new releases that are flying out of blogs and homepages...I just got an email from Making Memories this morning about at least 2 new paper lines - one called 'Vintage Findings' (which has been on their website for awhile but we haven't been able to order yet) and one for Christmas perhaps entitled 'Mitletoe' but not 100% on that. From their blog they show a bejewelled spider so I can only assume that they are doing a Halloween line as well.

Basic Grey has released their sneak peaks through their hompage/splashpage as they haev been the last 2 years - so just keep clicking on the 'refrseh' button to cycle through to see all 4 releases - 'Indian Summer', 'Eskimo Kisses', 'Nook and Pantry' and 'Eerie'! - Not sure what is going to be release and in which order but the names sorta give away what the themes are going to be =)

Little Yellow Bicycle have already released their 4 lines - check it out on their website - Their Autumn Bliss Line is going to be one of my favorites for sure! Needless to say I have already placed my order! Yay!

Graphics 45 is also serving up some beautiful product, and I just can't wait to get their 3 lines into my store. Renaissance Faire, Domestic Goddess and Christmas Past! Click and see for yourself!

I know my Diva's can't wait to get their mittens on these products - stay tuned for more updates!

Also - check out all the blog links on the left side of this blog because these companies tend to do ALOT of giveaways through the whole week of CHA to promote their product. Hey if they want to give it away, I'll be glad to receive it!!!

Have a great scrappin week!