Saturday, September 27, 2008


It looks as though I missed my challenge but I'm going to be out of town tomorrow also - shoot. I will try again next week to post 7 days in a row!

BUT - more importantly - Basic Grey product is in - ALL FIVE SUMMER CHA 08 product, paper, bits, buttons, brads etc are IN and up and it's all good.

Urban Prairie

All in. All now. All the time =)

Have a good one!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just beat the clock...whew!

Well I didn't miss my deadline - by my clock I have about 6 mins to post this to maintain my 4rth day in a row of posting on this blog and the reason why I am so late is because I just finished a dozen ATC's for tomorrow nights swap at The Scrapbox! Yay!

So mine are done, very happy. Has a definate seasonal theme to it, and next month's ATC night falls on Halloween - yup! So no need to guess what the theme is going to be then eh?

So in other news - got yet MORE boxes in that looked suspiciously like Basic Grey stuff, but had to go home before I could dive into it. Also have a box of Fancy Pants that I've been sitting on trying to get other product up on the wall.

I also now have Scor Mats in Stock! And Scor Pals! Whoooo! Better get em now!

Have a good rest, and see you soon!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update! SCT In and it's free!

Now at The Scrapbox - Scrapbook and Cards Today magazine arrived and is FREE to members only on a first come first served basis! These WILL NOT LAST!

Bring your membership card with you to get your free magazine. Don't have a card, but are a member? I have it waiting for you!

Hope to see you real soon!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day #2 but I'm not counting - really!

The official week at the Scrapbox is about to begin and I am anticipating another wonderful week of creating and scrapping! I have been concentrating on cleaning up on the special orders list and going over the back orders and trying to figure out why things I ordred ages ago still haven't arrived. I think my distributers heave a great sigh when they see my phone # come up on their call display =)

Oh well - tough for them. Give me mah stuff!

I would like to encourage folks, as I usually do, to go outside their comfort zone in this craft and a great way to do this is to join us this Friday for our ATC Swap - we also have a make n take at 5pm where you can make an ATC for a mere $1 ea. Learn new things! Meet new people! No fee to join us, no sign up required, just show up with a basic kit and an open mind.

ATC Swap at 7pm
ATC Make & Take at 5pm

Come Play!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Updates and a Challenge (for me right now)

Howdy folks!

I've recovered from my bout of the first round of Strep Throat a few weeks ago, but I think it liked me so much it's trying to book a return engagement. Hopefully I'll be smart and take it a bit easier over the next few days but no promises.

It's been awhile since last I updated this blog, and I think I am going to challenge myself to do an blog entry every day for at least one week to see if I can do it. Like I need more challenge in my life but hey - this one is pretty easy all things considered.

Ok - so! I've just updated The Scrapbox website with photos of all the classes that I have photos for, and as I get more in from my Diva's, I will be adding to it. Check it out at . Sign up either online, at the store, email or calling the store at 613-745-2215.

Going home to get 8 hours of sleep! That is my 'be gentle on yourself' tip for today.



Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm totally 'Spellbound'...

...because of this layout =)

This is Stephanie's latest 2 pg LO Class that will be held on Oct 24 at 6pm - 9pm!
Utilizing the latest Making Memory Halloween Papers and embellishments, for closer detailed pics, head on over to Steph's blog (link to the left of the post)


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wassail-ling away!

It's up! It's on the Basic Grey website! It's their Christmas Paper line entitled 'Wassail' and it's my favorilte christmas colours of deepest green, & royal burgandies. It'll be the highlight of my newsletter this week - along with some
lip-smaking pics of T!m. Intrigued? Make sure you read your Scrapbox Studio Newsletter this Wed! click it and check it!

Later days!


Monday, September 8, 2008

Wassail - sneak peak!

If you go to the Basic Grey Website and refresh the home page continually, you will be able to get the sneak peak of the new Christmas Paper line 'Wassail'. I love it. I have the catalog.

Members of the Scrapbox Studio will be able to pre-order this. If you are a member, make sure you check your email this Wednesday for the newsletter and the Pre-order details!

I LOVE it. Just love it. I will be ordering everything...!!


Finally - a hint of Basic Grey's Christmas...

I was just informed that either late today or tomorrow morning the new Basic Grey's line 'Wassail' will be released!!!

Stay tuned!