Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just beat the clock...whew!

Well I didn't miss my deadline - by my clock I have about 6 mins to post this to maintain my 4rth day in a row of posting on this blog and the reason why I am so late is because I just finished a dozen ATC's for tomorrow nights swap at The Scrapbox! Yay!

So mine are done, very happy. Has a definate seasonal theme to it, and next month's ATC night falls on Halloween - yup! So no need to guess what the theme is going to be then eh?

So in other news - got yet MORE boxes in that looked suspiciously like Basic Grey stuff, but had to go home before I could dive into it. Also have a box of Fancy Pants that I've been sitting on trying to get other product up on the wall.

I also now have Scor Mats in Stock! And Scor Pals! Whoooo! Better get em now!

Have a good rest, and see you soon!


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