Monday, December 14, 2009


I had to concede my 12 Tags challenge...what with everything else going on, and inventory taking way longer than I anticipated (man do I have a tonne of stuff in in that store!) it really wasn't reasonable to expect of myself (yes Stephanie I know!) to get them done so quickly. But! If you have them done then you can win, in the colour of your choice, a Distress Stamp Pad, A Distress Reinker and a Distress Stickles! You just have to bring them in for me to ooooh and ahhhhh over by this Saturday at 6pm.

I did manage to get 5 completed and another 2 started. I have most of the rest of what I need to finish them up and then send a picture in to Tim to be entered in his mega draw! I'm sure he's pretty happy that they are done also! There is one tag that is going to be pretty hard to copy - the one that has the 'make your own brads' since I don't have that tool, although it would be fun to play with.

Going to get back to doing some work on my newsletter for this Wednesday...hope your week started off great!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

My daughter is an elf... are some pics of her interview with Santa.

The greeting...

...discussing her qualifications...

...turning on the charm and showcasing snuggling skills...

Santa offering competitive wages and benefits...

...while Emma ramps up her cute factor to 110...shall we see this up close?

...and the offer has been made and accepted!

Proud mama with her this photo...

Have a great week!


Friday, December 4, 2009

#2 & #3 done too!

Just finished up 2 more...again made a few changes from Tim's...

1. I didn't have the large Frame stamp that he used so I just used the large flourish that has a oval frame in the middle with the antique linen embossing powder. It made the tag pretty busy.

2. To counter the faintness of the 'Seasons Greetings' I crystal laquered the letters and made them shiny as black archival ink tends to be a nice black but very matte finish.

3. The rose wasn't that difficult to do - he really breaks it down into baby steps. However people who have problems with their hands will find this technique hard because you need to create controlled pressure to roll the petals backwards with the pliers. Belle Notte- if you have a choice between pliers that have ridges (ie the one you would purchase in a hardware store) and a pair of smooth round pliers that you use when beading - go for the smooth. The hardware store brand left marks on my flowers that I would have preferred not be there.

4. You can buff too much off the corners. I went right down to the silver from the gold finish. OOops.

Had fun with the alcohol inks! Was wondering when he would bring them out!

1. I used his ruler to keep my passes with the applicator tool straight. This worked ridiculously well and since the alcohol ink dries so quickly on the paper I didn't have to wait at all between passes - much. I did pick up a little bit of ink on my ruler that I later tried to remove with Blending solution - which worked too well since I started to notice I was removing even the grid lines from the ruler! ACK! So be careful with the blending solution around the Tim Ruler!

1.a. The technique with the alcohol ink took me a few times of doing to get a look I like. If you buy a sheet of 12 x 12 Glossy Paper, cut it up into 3" x 6" pieces and have fun playing!

2. I used snaps in the corners as opposed to the washer and fasteners he used. I like my way better!

3. Had to steal a jump ring from a large swivel clasp as my order of jump rings aren't in until next week to attach the philosophy tag to the trinket pin. When my order comes in I'll replace it...if I remember...

As for Tag #4 - what the heck...!??!

I have just placed an order for the Cut'N'Dry Felt, Memory Glass and Memory Frames that I don't have in stock atm. I do have all of the Reinkers for the Distress Inks - just got them in today.

Anyways - I'll be prepping the tag part tomorrow for Tag #4 so when I do get my 'Tim-bits' in, I'll be able to finish it pretty quickly. Good thing I didn't commit to doing one tag per day! =)

Have an awesome weekend! Hope to see you anytime on Sat Dec 5 - we are having an all day, 12 hour potlock crop! It's going to be fun!

Come Play!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

I do have the first tag done...

So I am on top of things it seems with getting at least the first tag done!

Some things I did differently,

1. The ribbon was a bright silver but I toned it down with some Faded Jeans Ink and the Blending Tool - I don't know why I keep having to be reminded that I can make or alter embellishments to work with the colours or project that I am doing. Loved adding wire to it.

2. Don't have a dymo that can do script writing but would love to know where I can get my hands on one. Make that two as I think Stephie would want one too. Left it open in case inpiration strikes later.

3. Didn't have any Picket Fence Distress Stickles (Neither in my personal stash or on the shelf to my dismay) and instead chose Star Dust Stickles to make the icicles along the top of the tag. Really liked doing it this way - also smeared a bit of the extra stickles along the bottom of the tag and on the snowman for some extra "ooh pretty bling' effect.

Otherwise had most of the product that Tim suggested to use. It didn't take too long to do the tag (time flies!) but it wasn't so much creating as it was following his steps which are painstakingly broken down and super easy to follow.

I hope to give it a try or put your own spin on it. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a 'Jenn Tag' Class in the New year!


PS I also have Tag #2 almost completed and I don't think I'll have any problems with getting Tags #3 done tomorrow morning, but it seems I am falling behind a bit. Oh well, I will make it up sometime!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

He started! The first tag is posted!

And it's gorgeous! Wow Wow WOW!!!!

Click HERE to see it...

As I was reading through the 'play by play' of how to make the card, I was saying - yup got that too...this is going to totally rock! Now all I need is my tags!

Steph is picking them up for me at her end of town and I'll have them this afternoon! I may start on the snowman part first and get the tag part done later...only thing I don't have is wire to make my own wired ribbon...hmmmmmm will need to see if I can get my hands on some stat!

Hope you enjoy doing your tags and check out the Member's Newsletter tomorrow for the details on what I am giving away if you decide to enter the challenge and I lose!

Have an fab week!