Sunday, December 6, 2009

My daughter is an elf... are some pics of her interview with Santa.

The greeting...

...discussing her qualifications...

...turning on the charm and showcasing snuggling skills...

Santa offering competitive wages and benefits...

...while Emma ramps up her cute factor to 110...shall we see this up close?

...and the offer has been made and accepted!

Proud mama with her this photo...

Have a great week!



Stay Funny said...

really precious photos of Emma! Love the last one too! I am sure one day you will sit down and scrap them... I see it in your futur! Have a good week!

Louise Dubord said...

Lovely pictures! You captured the essence of Emma. My favorites are the 1st one and the last one (both really pull the heart strings...) See you on Wednesday.

Joanne C said...

Oh so adorable!

Susan P. said...

Emma is so adorable. She is such a lovely girl. These pictures are precious. You can see how she truly believes in the magic of Xmas and Santa. These are to be cherished for sure.

Anonymous said...

I love your pics of Santa and your daughter. Priceless!!! You should make a book of that little experience!!! You need something else to do, don't you Jenn. LOL.


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