Monday, December 14, 2009


I had to concede my 12 Tags challenge...what with everything else going on, and inventory taking way longer than I anticipated (man do I have a tonne of stuff in in that store!) it really wasn't reasonable to expect of myself (yes Stephanie I know!) to get them done so quickly. But! If you have them done then you can win, in the colour of your choice, a Distress Stamp Pad, A Distress Reinker and a Distress Stickles! You just have to bring them in for me to ooooh and ahhhhh over by this Saturday at 6pm.

I did manage to get 5 completed and another 2 started. I have most of the rest of what I need to finish them up and then send a picture in to Tim to be entered in his mega draw! I'm sure he's pretty happy that they are done also! There is one tag that is going to be pretty hard to copy - the one that has the 'make your own brads' since I don't have that tool, although it would be fun to play with.

Going to get back to doing some work on my newsletter for this Wednesday...hope your week started off great!



Louise Dubord said...

Awwww.... I was ready to give you an extension! I have seen the ones you have already done and they are gorgeous! Who votes for an extension for Jenn until next Saturday?

Jenn Langlois said...

You are too kind mdear. I hope to have them done anyway for Tim's draw...



Barb said...

Jenny Jenny... where's your New Year's post?! I miss your blog.

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