Sunday, January 17, 2010

Loving Film Strip

Hey there folks!

Ok - long time no blog I know. As my Diva Stephanie picks out a word to define her year, if I were to pick one, it would be 'Organize'. I need to organize my life so that things move more efficiently, smoothly, more cost-effectively...etc etc. Anyone have any tips?

So - lots of stuff has happened in the last month since I posted, but I want to show off some of my creativity. Here is one of the Tim Tags I completed (I actually got all 12 done in time for Dec 31st, and even got them submitted to tim in time for the draw but he had the poor taste to pull someone else's name. The cheek!) and then I did an 8"x8" layout (my first one ever I think) for a friend moving to Toronto. You can see the Tim influence I am sure, but I loved doing it and I loved being able to spend time with another friend (thanks G!) while making it, and using her stamps too!

Emma's Tag

My 8x8 layout

I am also taking a class of Steph's early in Feb - her All About me and my Bucket List 2 PG LO - and one of those items will be to become certified by Ranger U, hopefully in 2010, but I will accept it that it will happen in its own time. I am glad I have this photo of the LO as it will likly become one of the submission pieces as part of the application process.

as for blogging here - I don't want to make any promises other than I will do my best and that I want to do more than once a month =). All part of that whole 'organize' thing that I have going on.

hope you enjoyed it!