Sunday, January 24, 2010

Organize me!

I need to confess something...

I have often been told the following "I just don't have time to scrap" by my customers who love to shop but when it comes to the crop part...well. Lets just say I am sure that my products have found good homes but maybe not into a scrapbook. And ladies - I sympathize, I do. Between running the business, being a mother and a wife time is a prescious commodity. However there are nights that I am just staring at the tube or playing a silly computer game.

I pause now for the gasps that will echo from Kanata to Rockland.

In all seriousness, my biggest excuse not to scrap was my lack of space at home. I have a very tiny condo that doesn't give much room for 2 adults, an active and growing 5 year old and a fluffy cat. However this morning I had an epiphany. I could re-arrange my bedroom to accomodate the spare 6' table that was languishing without purpose at the back of my store. I suppose my original reasoning was that I didn't have enough space to have the studio I dreamed of (damn you t!m) but how realistic was that? I know ladies who scrap on their lid of their deep freezer for cryin' out loud.

So now I have no excuse. Emma sleeps through the night, bless her heart. My DH has set times he games with his buddies in the evening so there is no possible reason for me NOT to scrap now. I spent most of the morning rearranging and cleaning up my bedroom (and feeling all of 9 years old doing it) and now I have my 6' table and a good chunk of my personal scrap-stash at home and set up. I even snitched one of the clip it ups and have used up every clip on their and still need more. I am a bit squished but it's more space than my ladies have when they come to crop.

I just have to be more organized and things will get done.

I think I will go right now.




Stay Funny said...

So happy for you!
thanks fro calling me and shearing the moment!
Hope on my blog to see the new pics of Greedo - took Saturday - perfect of waht for the mmmm something something coming up from a certain company????!!!! ;)
Tech problems at work - could send the email this AM - sorry
Have a happy Monday xx

Kataroo said...

woot woot!!

Louise Dubord said...

Wow! Wonderful I am very haoppy for you. Have fun scrapping!

Anonymous said...

Um, what is Nancy going to do now that "her" table is now in your room?

Have fun scrapping at all times now!

Jane D.

Anonymous said...

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