Friday, August 28, 2009


Yesterday was huge for me. Unfortunatly I am hiding out at the Hertz booth (6am local time) because I forgot to charge my laptop and there aren't any outlets in the lobby - which is the only place that has free wireless internet. So - going to have to post v. fast!

Yesterday started off by going to the Aji Spa which is adjacent to the hotel. OMG I have NEVER been so pampered. The service and the amenities - just first class. Very much enjoyed my pedicure and my esthetician happily took some pictures of me in my robs on my pedi-throne! Will post those later when I have more time...I'm uploading the 219 pictures from my camera chip card to my laptop right now.

Actually before the spa was breakfast here in the hotel - their casual dining restaurant they call it - well I have never had a bowl of oatmeal like that before. It makes me think of my divas who like to take pictures of their food - I should have taken pics of this. Awesome Awesome!

So after the Spa, I met up again with Linda (who I will introduce more later, but we are having wuite the giggle fest down here) and we went off to the Technique Boutique which was one or two make & takes and some product pick up. We also were able to purchase the designer buttons (now on my apron) and drop off our ticket stubs into the big cauldron for all the door prizes that were donated by different companies. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Then there was the trunk show (this is derived from an older time when quilters would bring trunks full of their blankets to display at a craft fair) where we were able to meet all of the teachers/designers and gawk at their hand made product.

I finally got to meet Tim.

He was just as funny, personable and charming as I thought he would be. We chatted for a few minutes, he signed my autograph book (CE 2009 of course) and then came the photo Op - yup here is the pic of me and Tim!

Now as some of you know, and now the whole world is going to know, the outfit that I'm wearing in the picture was picked out of the Pajama section of Addition-elle, but I bought it originally to lounge around at Nav Can last spring. I've since worn it even to work because it's pretty and so darn comfortable. But I have to wonder, how many ladies can say that they have had their picture taken with Tim in their PJs? Hee hee.

So later of course, I got the bright idea that I should have gotten him to sign my apron - we had just done a little make & take with Kryon paint markers - so I am going to see if he will sign it in my class with him tomorrow morning. Keep your fingers crossed!

I also met Heidi - what a character! She's a little bundle of energy with a big smile and quirky sense of humor. Anyways, without further ado, this is what she wrote in my autograph book...

To cap this off quick because I am starting to see alot more people walking around since I don't have a clue as to how to rent a car, I took alot of pictures of the work that I saw at the trunk show - everything was stunning - just stunning. Will have it all to show when we get back.

So today the classes start. I have about a half hour before we go for breakfast and I want to make sure I have everything because I hope I don't have to make the trip back to the room if I can avoid it. Lets just say that the distance that we have to walk from where 'everything happens' to our room is a good 8-10 minute walk - no word of a lie. At least I'm getting my exercise in!

Hope you enjoyed the post - check in tomorrow morning for the next post and if you want to hear the WHOLE story, be sure to pencil in Sept 9, Wed at 6pm, to see the pics, the projects, the apron (hopefully to be autographed - maybe even by heidi and tim....wooooooo).

Love ya later!



Joanne C said...

Love the picture with Tim!!!

Mellisa said...

okay - I am BEYOND freaking jealous!!! lol Looks like you are having a good time. Glad you were pampered. Have fun.

Jenn Langlois said...

It was quite something to see Tim "├Čn action" as it were. His class was excellant, well organized and his 'Tim-isms' were quite memorable.

Loved it! So glad I was able to share in it!

Stay Funny said...

So happy for you dear! Hoping to see you soon and have the down low on your fabulous experience! Welcome home! xx