Monday, August 31, 2009

Safely home again...

It's wonderful to get away, and it's always wonderful to come home again - especially after travelling all day.

To say that I had a good time would not fully encompass the experience - actually it would diminish it, make it less than it was. CE was one of those experiences that allowed me to stop at a crossroads and contimplate the different ways my life could go and could be. At the end of the weekend, while I am wheeling my bags down to the lobby, I am thought-sorting and I hear my own voice cheerfully exclaiming - "Off to a new adventure!"

"but..." my older cynical voice replied back, " are just going home after *having* an amazing and very new adventure. How could anything possibley compare with that?"

"Ah, but there be the challenge isn't it? every day can be a new adventure, a 'once in a lifetime moment' if you want it to be one - if you *choose* it to be one.'

This new voice in my head (Just to clarify, no I am not crazy. I have different voices ni my head and they all reflect the different facets of my personality - this facet was a new one) continued to chatter away about possibilities, opportunities and directions I hadn't previously contemplated. It was almost dreamlike, this voice was boosting me to rise up out-of-body to see a bigger picture, a broader plane of experience that was waiting for me to reach out and grasp, now that I could see it.

No I'm not going to close my scrapbooking store and go and herd goats on a mountain top somewhere. I am very content with my life here in Ottawa, with my family and my store. But I am looking for more than content, more than the everyday that happens everyday. To reach out as far as I can go with my arms wide open to experience all that it is within my potential to experience.

Well I think that is enough introspection for one evening. I am very glad that I booked the CE Expose with enough time to gather my wits, complete my projects and put together all the points that I want to share with all of you that decide to join me at the store on Wed Sept 9th at 6pm. It will be a time of sharing.

Have a great night...


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Barb said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! :)