Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This really happened...

I recently had this email conversation with Katharina Doyle, ( Co-founder and Publisher of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine...

Hi Katharina (

As the only LSS left in Ottawa, what would it take to get an expose/article done on my store and studio? Prolly not enough money in my bank acct but would like to know what it would require.

Thanks for the heads up on the magazine coming out at the end of May.

Jenn wrote:

Hi Jenn,

There is no fee for this feature. =)

Please send me an email indicating why, other than your point (above), we should feature your store. Often we receive emails from store customers or employees or owners indicating why a certain store should be featured. We have not yet chosen our feature store for the WINTER 2009 issue…so please send me your reasons why…or have your customers contact me…etc.

Does this help?

Kindest regards,

Katharina Doyle (
Canadian Scrapbooker Inc.

*Jenn falls out of her chair, then gets back up and replies the following*

Hi Katharina!

Ok - well this is a challenge. So you are ok with me giving out your email address to people who would email you about why I should be in your Winter Edition? Just want to be clear...

I'll also come up with something suitable to write to you - will have to think about it though - what sort of time line do I have?

Thanks for the challenge!


Hi Jenn,

Sure, people can email me directly…that is often what our readers do. I look forward to receiving their testimonials.

We will choose our WINTER 2009 LSS by July 1st.

Kindest regards,

Katharina Doyle (
Canadian Scrapbooker Inc.

SOooooo if you haven't already noticed, I have liberally peppered this post with Katharina's email address which is and with her permission - even encouragement, she is asking what is so darn special about The Scrapbox and why should it be featured in an international Scrapbooking Magazine!

I would say it is because of my awesome Divas, Angels and Scrapbox Studio Members but if you can think of something else that might be worth emailing Katharina ( about then please be sure to also CC the email to me at

so I can enter you into a draw for a $50 Gift Certificate! That's right - $50 Gift Certificate for just emailing about why The SCrapbox is Magazine Article Worthy, and be sure to CC it to me so that I can put your name into the draw.

Our deadline is July 1st so we have lots of time to tell everyone we know right?

Thanks in advance,


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scrappysharon said...

ohhh very cool Jenn!! hope that you get in !! im sure that you will cuz the scrapbox studio rocks!!