Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What are ATC's anyways?

I would like to tell you what it is *for me*.

Other resources would be to grab your latest edition of Scrapbook and Cards today and check out the great article on page 22 or just to google 'Artist Trading Card' and see all the great articles that come up.

But - for me ATC's do the following;

- challenges me to create a series of 'variations on a theme' using new (and often scraplifted) ideas from anywhere

- magazines, the internet, customers or shamelessly from the DT team. (I will emphasize I totally give credit where credit is due).

- From a practical viewpoint it`s a great way to use up all the little "bits" that are always left over from any given paper project.

- I love collecting things and this has become one of my favorite collections ever!

- Since I got hooked into it by Anne and Debbie, I get to hook others into it and thereby makes it ok to be obsessed about them =)

And there is lots more too of course, but I won't be able to think about them until after I post this. Best just to come to our ATC Events at The Scrapbox. Visit and go to the Classes section to see all that's available and when the ATC events are.




Pattie said...

are you setting me up for another addiction?? I've never tried ATC's, but look at them every time I'm in the store...bloody hell, woman!! ;-) I'll have to try it, and blame it on can choose to third party blame from there ;-)

Jenn Langlois said...

Maybe I should have written...

ATC = Addictive Trading Cards =)

Besides, if I get addicted to collecting them, then EVERYONE should be addicted to trading and collecting them.

So there.