Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm Back!

...and thank goodness, becuase I sure missed you all!

My DD and I had a great time with my Dad and as soon as I get some photos off my camera I'll post a few here. BC is beautiful! and cool! Like - really sunny but without the sticky! But it's not home, and home is here and that is where I want to be!

So - it's back to business for me and I have to go now and start planning Sept, Oct, Nov and of course Dec but if you want to check out what's happening at the Scrapbox in August check out and go to the Classes section.

Heads Up!
This weekend is the long weekend and if you are going to be around, why not crop at The Scrapbox? My Ultra Pamper Crop is this Saturday Aug 2 from 9am to 9pm! That's right - 12 hours of cropping and it is where you get the works : catered meals, free hot beverages, lots of space to do your craft, use of studio tools and access to a fully stocked (and awesome) scrapbook store - where you can run a tab all day. I mean - what could be better?

Weather for this weekend is going to be sunny and hooooooooooot - 33+ degrees with the humidity but it's cool in here. Call now to sign up for the crop 613-745-2215 and or email me at .

Come Play!

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Stay funny said...

It was great seing you today and you were trully missed! Welcome back home Jenn!