Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cuttlebug Market Research...

...done by me over the weekend and this is what I found...

There are Cuttlebugs for sale at the Trainyards Walmart – for $67 ea – 2 in stock as of Sunday. Something didn’t look quite right to me so after staring at the box for a few minutes I figured out what it was – the bonus die cut and embossing set wasn’t part of the package!

Let me quickly explain – with the Cuttlebug Set that I provide you get the machine, the plates plus a bonus of a sweet stamp shaped die cut and 4 stamp shaped embossing folders - that so far as I can determine you can only get with this particular Cuttlebug Starter Kit Offer.

So here is the bottom line

Walmart : $67 but no bonus set.

Scrapbox : $90 with bonus set. Oh and then you get to discount 15% because you are a Studio Member which takes it down to $76.45. So the cost difference? The extra die and embossing set is easily worth $10 retail.

The choice, ultimately is yours. I have no idea what Michaels is doing these days with this item – sometimes they honor their 40% off coupon and other times they don’t (This is according to verbal reports given to me by more than 3 different individuals) so good luck with that!

If you want to check out what a Cuttlebug does and how frikkin easy it is to use, come down to The Scrapbox for a free demo!

Come Play!

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