Saturday, July 5, 2008

After LONG last - Core'dinations Cardstock has finally sipped out a partial order of their "Black Magic" paper packs AND I GOT MINE!

All of those smart ladies who had asked to have a pack or two set aside for them - it has been done and they are just awaiting your pleasure. I will be making calls over Saturday to personally inform those that special ordered them. I do have some left of each of the four Black Magic Paper Packs - "Hocus Pocus" "Cauldron" "Potion #9" and "Spell Caster"!

These *will not last* ladies. Already I've been told by my distributers that they got a partial order and that means another wait to get more in. If you are at all intersted in getting some, or finding out what this latest 'hot' items is - come down to The Scrapbox tomorrow (Sat July 5) as I am going to be open from 9am to 9pm because I am having my Ultra Pamper Crop also!

Come Play!

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just wanted to pop by and say a little hi! Have a great Jenn ~ See ya soon!