Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tim Tags Start tonite!!!!

If I am reading Tim's Blog correctly, tomorrow morning at 3:01am EST Tim will be posting his first Holiday Tag. The tension and the anticipation has been building since he made his announcement last week (well lets be honest - its been building since Halloween!!!) and I know a lot of my customers will be tuning in to see what the King of Craft has in store for us this December!

I want to help you out - you want to make the tags. I know you do! So I will repost what I wrote in my Members-only Newsletter. You may want to check it out. =)

I want to put together (*IF POSSIBLE*) Daily Tag Kits based on Tim's 2011 Holiday Tags. I understand that the challenge to my customers is to find all of the 'stuff' without dropping a bundle each day. I am proposing that I will break open whole packages of Tim's Ideo-logy, Grunge products, Kraft glassine paper and Ranger products and create kits for purchase, and price them accordingly.  
My challenge is going to be able to do this in a timely fashion but one must understand that I cannot predict what he is going to do (I wish!) and that some things I may have to order in and that can take a few days.
I will try to keep the costs of each 'kit' down to about $10 or less for each tag and will not include any 'wet' mediums of inks, paints, stains and so forth.  
Also, I cannot guarantee that each kit will have the exact same 'thing'. Muse tokens all have different sayings on them - but the first person in can have first choice if you know what I mean.  
The advantages to you is that you don't have to run around town to find the 'bits' you need to make a close copy of Tim's Tags, and a great deal of the prep has been taken care of already PLUS the greatly reduced cost. Because of all of this, the 15% Member discount will not apply to these kits. They will be sold for the sticker price.  
If you want to be a part of this and purchase all of the kits, you can subscribe by replying to this email. I can guarantee that you will get all 12 kits (or all the kits that I am able to make) and will hold them for you. I know December is going to be busy for you but how fun would it be to whip up a tag or two in an evening of creativity?
Speaking of an evening of Creativity - on Fri December 9th, I will be hosting a Tim Holtz Tag Event!!! FREE!
I have A LOT of Tim's Dies, folders and stamps that I am happy to share with all of you! Not sure how to do a particular technique? Why not let this Ranger Certified educator help you out? I am here for you to exploit folks!!!
This will be the first time I am doing anything like this and I hope you will help by making suggestions and provide helpful feedback.  Call me at the store at 613-745-2215!
Come Play!

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