Sunday, November 13, 2011

And the Winners are..

...of the Ribbon Ball, Heather Price! She was .5 of a yard off the total! In fact there were 5 people who were exactly .5 of a yard off the total, so we put their name back into the bag and drew out Heather's name...congrats Heather!

And of the Grand Prize Draw Winner is Cindy McLean! Cindy's name was drawn by my Mom, who has now been with me for the 5th year in a row (cause she was here when I 4 Anniversaries...=)

Anyways...I have been a bit under the weather this last week and so have been enjoying some serious down time offline with my family. But before I went to bed, I wanted to announce the winners, and thank everyone who participated in the fun, events and crops. I hope you enjoyed yourself and are looking forward to the coming year of crafting!

I'm off to bed...



Natalie Hall said...

Congrats to the winners!!!

Jenn Langlois said...

Thank you Nathalie!