Thursday, April 28, 2011

No love at Newark...

I have never...ever....EVER had a flight cancel on me in my lifetime and I must have flown - easily - 50 times. Nationally, internationally, intercontinentally -newp. Until today.

Ironically, in all my illustrious flying career I have never once opted for flight insurance. Until this trip.

Well I did say it was ironic. If you want the details, my facebook status today pretty much sums up the tedium that is waiting for an airplane to board, take off, fly, be put on hold, then land. I am much more impressed (to say the least) with the awesome women I have met so far and they number 2.

Woman Number 1 is Roser who also owns an LSS, but in Barcelona Spain. How cool is that? Anyway - she offered to drive me from Newark to my hotel some 45 mins distance, without any recompense. Then waited patiently (and shopped) through all of my delays. We had a lovely drive and found out that (ready for more irony?) ...we opened our Scrapbooking Stores *on the exact same date* of Nov 10th 2007.

That still kinda blows my mind.

Woman No 2 - I then hooked up with my roomie from Australia, one Melissa Kennedy, who heads up the DT for Kaiser Craft. I was surrounded by exotic accents, although now that I think about it, they probably think my Canadian accent is pretty neat too.

We went to Appleby`s for dinner and I decided that my lovely day travelling deserved nothing less than this delicious libation featured here...

Already had some wonderful laughs and some beautiful food and just can`t wait for tomorrow to begin!!

Stay tuned my lovelies.



HeatherFeather said...

that's just crazy!!! same day, same year...


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you finally got there! (I have many flying horror stories.) I hope today was absolutely fantastic!

Joanne C said...

Anonymous was actually me - Joanne C :)