Thursday, April 28, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane...

To say I am excited about this 'business trip' is an understatement. I am trying very hard not to let my expectations get away from me, but right now it's like trying to catch a chipmunk. Always a step ahead and determined to go up a tree. And stay there. So there.

So here I am, packed, ready to head out to the airport a full hour before I planned to. My little family is still asleep and I am reflecting on how very lucky I am. I am very thankful that I have a supportive husband who thinks nothing of 'holding down the homestead' for nearly 5 days while I go off persuing my dream. I am very thankful of my friends and supporters who have suffered quietly these last few weeks as I prattled on about how excited I am to go to Ranger U. My daughter was much less enthusiastic about the whole thing but then, I have always endorsed honesty over any other policy so her 'I don't want you to go!" is said with love too. A very special thank you goes to Linda O. for making a beautiful canvas apron for me (as my sewing is such that it would make a cat laugh) that will show my efforts over the next few days.

I am very thankful.

Oops Emma is up now. Gotta Run. Stay tuned, I plan on blogging as much as possible!



Stay Funny said...

Embrace every minutes of it (one more thing of your bucket list) and enjoy the process. So very happy for you! Hugs xo

HeatherFeather said...

Yeah for you!!! Have a blast!

pierides said...

Have a fabulous time!