Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beautiful New Spellbinders are In!

Greetings Scrapbox Nation!

Just wanted to post that I received a shipment of Spellbinders from Winter CHA yesterday. We have pulled the ones that were pre-ordered and will be displaying the rest. That's the good news...

The un-good news is that Spellbinders didn't ship my entire order and so I didn't get everything. Which means some of my pre-order customers didn't get everything they wanted either. So if you haven't gotten a phone call, expect one today.

Better news? When the rest comes in, my pre-order customers will get 25% off these late-comers, instead of the 20% off I offered originally. My way of saying 'Thank you for being so patient!'

If you wanted to see what Spellbinders are left from the shipment, that were not already claimed by the pre-order, come on down. They are about to be priced and put on the shelf.

Also just up on the shelf and being loved is the new Elizabeth Park line from LYB. Very spring - kinda like today!

Have a good one and....

Come Play!

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