Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just a wee update...

Things to do this week...

1. Finish up my newsletter (almost done)

2. Pack for Nav Can (eeee!)

3. Prep for SOTM class for this weekend so Tammy doesn't have to...

4. Spend time with my DD and DH (Hubby is definatly getting the short end of the stick on this one...)

5. Make sure I post every other day at least! ( that done in the knick of time!)

Well it turns out that we didn't get picked for the Early Bird line from Cosmo Cricket but that's ok - I may have to do my own giveaways soon - so stay tuned!

Also - just added the Fancy Pants blog to my slowly growing list on the left side of this blog. Hope you check them out as I just got in the "Krafty Kuts" line in store! Yay!

Have a great scrappin week!



scrappinBarb said...

Hey Jenn, great little list you wrote there! I just LOVE lists. :D

I was wondering if you're going to get any Jillybean Soup products in. They are so fresh and fun! If not, I'll have to go looking elsewhere for them. :(

Snooks said...

Sorry you didn't win the CC paper line, we tried :( Maybe next time.