Sunday, April 19, 2009

The 'After Birthday' let down...

I just wanted to eek in a post just so that I don't break my rhythm on my blog here!

Today was my DD 'Kiddie' birthday party and ohmyg ever fun! Would like to put a big thank you out to Ariel (and to Princess Parties) for adding such a magical element that made my little girl's eyes wide with awe!

Of course some pics would be forthcoming soonish but I am pretty pooped so will be hitting the hay so I can get up early to spend some quality time with my moms who drove all the way up here to be with us for these special few days.

My week's plans include a very intense planning and packing for a Nav Can weekend as well as the usual round of Scrapbox Duties!

This would be your last chance to speak up for The Scrapbox on the Cosmo Cricket Blog as they 'randomly' pull a name from their comments. If you are not sure of what I speak, check out the previous post!

gnight all!