Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Belated Best of the Season

I hope that everyone had a good holiday this year, and by that I mean safe and with your loved ones. Having said that, I would like to send my thoughts out to those who have loved ones in hospitols and I wish them the speediest recovery.

I would love to invite everyone by The Scrapbox today for our Annual Customer Appreciation Day - we have Make & Takes All Day, and I'm turning the Chocolate Fountain on at 1pm sharp! Free Coffee, tea & hot chocolate all day!

ATC Trade at 3pm! Come see what it's all about!

I open my doors at 9am and close them at 6pm. All Christmas and Halloween Product is 40% off today! If you couldn't make it yesterday you still can get a ton of good deals!

Come Play!



Stay funny said...

Hope you will have a great day at the store!
Thinking of you from here....Leaving tomorrow to go back to MTL.

Jenn Langlois said...

Have a safe trip bella!

Will I be getting an email with pictures? Just curious...=)


Stay funny said...

yes.............. long story short, was boycutted due to space in van * 6 passangers to NB, tomorrow you will have.