Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Scrapbooker's Creed

I just released the following in my weekly newsletter. If you think that you resemble any of the following behaviours...well you are in good company. Enjoy.

The Scrapbookers Creed

I am a Scrapbooker. I Scrapbook.  You won’t understand it until you are one too. When you want to spend all your spare time (and occupied time) scrapbooking. When you take 10 pictures to get one good one, and shuffle people around in a staged photo so that their clothing doesn’t clash. When you purchase matching Christmas Pyjamas so that on that special morning, everyone coordinates (and if you hadn’t thought about it, you now want to go out and do it). When you have a camera, or camera-phone with you everywhere you go “just in case”.

There are 9 different shades of white, I don’t care what you say.

I am a Scrapbooker and I like to shop. I will hunt down a Scrapbooking Store if I am in a different city, because  I know they will have something my LSS won’t have, and  that will impress “the girls” at the next crop. I like to shop when I am happy, tired, depressed, had an argument with my spouse/kid/boss/mother—in-law, or  every Wednesday after work because that’s when the new stuff comes in. I will box dive because getting it first, even if I don’t know what I am going to use it for, is like finding treasure and I NEED it!

What happens at the crop, stays at the crop.

We are Scrapbookers. At Crops we will laugh, talk, eat, talk, cry, talk, drink, talk, shop, and there will always be a little drama. We compare spouses, past and present, the boss that drives us crazy, and how sick our kids were last week. We talk about giving birth or why we can’t, and then we cry some more. Sometimes we will cut some paper and stick it down on other pieces of paper but let’s not kid ourselves about what’s important…that every hour cropping  is not an hour spent at work or hip-deep in housework, staring at piling bills or four walls closing in fast.

Scrapbooking is cheaper than Therapy.

The owner of my LSS is an ear that listens, a brain to pick, and the enabler of my addiction. Her store is full of colour on the most dismal of days, when weather is cold and dreary, and a free cup of coffee when the soul feels bare and chilled. I go to my LSS and find friends from years ago or make new ones that are ‘the girls’ for the years to come. I go there when I don’t need anything, except a place to recover from the wounds dealt by life. It is where I play and my happy place.

I am a Scrapbooker, a Cardmaker, a Mixed-Media Artist and Painter and I love what I am.

-Jenn Langlois


Natalie Hall said...

LOL! This is soooo me!! Thanks for posting this.

HeatherFeather said...

this is perfect!!!!

Jenn Langlois said...

Thanks! I had fun writing it!