Monday, May 2, 2011

Ranger U...I hardly knew ye!

I am sitting in the Newark Airport waiting for my first flight out. I look around me and I see 4 out of 5 people connected to either a laptop, cellphone or both. It’s interesting to me how much we are connected to the rest of the world with devices that can be carried in our hands and yet be strangers face to face.

This weekend has been so momentous, both on the world stage as well as personally. Events are happening so quickly that I am needing a pause to collect my breath and so I suppose that today, when forced to sit idle in airports or in the air, I will take that opportunity to reflect.

Our morningn walk to school...

some fun with Alcohol inks!

Learning a new way to resist...

Love this stamp from hero Arts..

Here it is again...

More pics of the Jersey Shore

I love this photo - it just makes me lean to the right...

I can almost feel the winds of change brushing past my cheek and watering my eyes.
World events aside, my weekend completed itself in a predictable fashion. All day yesterday, we created the last of the 75 technique tags under the charismatic and witty tutelage of Tim, and being utterly spoiled by Mario and all the thoughtful staff at Ranger. We received certificates, pats on the back, group photos and a very very generous educators package of product from Ranger. I got my very first melting pot and I am SOOOOOOO jazzed. I simply can’t wait to make stuff! Tim was kind enough to sign a few items for the NSD crop and for me personally.
Did you know that slices of pickle can sooth a burn? I did not know that. I didn’t need any pickles this weekend which in and of itself is remarkable.
As my larger piece of luggage got damaged in the travel to NJ, I decided to have my box of goodies shipped to Ogdensburg NY to pick up later this week. Less hassle over all.
After the closing ceremonies, we went out last night again to the Jersey Shore for Sushi and I had a $12 margarhita. I know, I know…in my defence I did not know the price ahead of time, but I started to have suspicians when the first sip sent me sputtering for some lemon and salt. I think they gave me a fifth of the bottle and the worm besides! Yikess! Things got really interesting at dinner as my companions were two Aussies, a Spanish Lady, a Philipino American, Christy and I, the token Canuck. Christy tried to do the different accents and that sent us off all on more sputtering bouts of laughter. We’ve promised to get together again at CHA this summer to do this all again and so I guess I’m going. It’s in Chicago again this year so I will have to save my pennies. I will say this – as I spent most of the last 3 days in the very fun company of 2 Australians my speech has been slightly "Ozzified". I apologize for this now. It is truly one of the most hypnotic and charming accents to listen to and I will try to get myself back under control as quickly as possible.
I have so much information tumbling around in my head from so many different people that it will take longer than a few hours to sort it all out. I do know that the cost out of pocket for these past few days is a pittance in the wealth of knowledge I have received.

I am so thankful.


*written at Newark at about 7:30am, but posted at the Pearson Airport at noon*
I will be posting more pics but they are boarding my plane...later!


Kataroo said...

Very happy for you :)

Joanne C said...

75 tags in 3 days! Wow!!!

Jenn Langlois said...

There weren't tags like his xmas tags...good lord we'd still be doing them. They are very simple one or two step tags that show a very specific technique or product...

Melissa Kennedy said...

us Aussies don't have accents lovely - you do...!!!!!