Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jenn's Word of 2011 and her First Ever LO Class

I've decided on a word for 2011 and it will be a hard one to pay attention to. Ready for it? Ok here goes...


Alright stop scoffing. Really - it's not easy for me to take time to 'play' in my life and most times it's because I don't think I deserve it. Playing at my age seems a tad frivolous and there is always a list of 'must do or the world stops turning' to deal with. You get the picture.

So I am going to Play...

...with my daughter. She asks me all the time and I don't get down to her level nearly enough. Soon she'll stop asking me and I will regret it with all my heart.

...with my husband. And not just what you might be thinking (naughty you!). We found a new board game we love to play together and in spending more time with him over the holidays, I realize that I am not the only one who made huge sacrifices since I opened the store. He's been patiently waiting for me to come home for over 3 years and I miss spending time doing the things we used to do.

...with my scrap-stuff. I take a bajillion photos and 0.01% get scrapped. My yearly LO count isn't too high (cough*heather*cough) and I really really miss it. my stress levels come down. Having fun and laughing is a proven method to stave off stress, high blood pressure and depression (I'm not depressed folks, I just want to make sure I don't ever get there). I am hoping to take in a few crops too so I can spend real quality time with the ladies that know what having fun is all about!

...with new ideas and see where it takes me both with the store and personally. Sometimes just knocking around ideas 'just for fun' can produce some pretty startling results.

So with this fresh in my mind I would like to present my first ever Double Page Layout Class that will be debuting this month at The Scrapbox on Thurs Jan 27th at 6pm-9pm entitled 'Lotsa Love' and features the two most important people in my life.

(if you click on the above picture, you can see a bigger picture, and more detail!)

I based it upon the sketch in the 2011 Scrapbook & Cards Today/Page Maps Calendar "January". I want to show how to execute basic design elements and how to put your own spin on a sktech, and of course, stretch a single page sketch into a 2 page layoutt! I plan on making this into a series, doing one each month for the next few months to see how it goes. I really enjoyed putting this one together. I hope you do to!

Date : Thurs Jan 27th 6pm
Cost : $30 Non-Member
$27 Member
$26 Member with the 2011 Srapbook & Cards Today Calendar!

Call us at 613-745-2215 to book your seat - only 9 kits available total!

Come play! =)


Kim said...

Love it! Interested in the scrapbook today/page maps that only available in Canada? Going to google it now... R u going to be at cha? Hope to see you!

Susan P. said...

I saw this layout in person when I stopped at the Scrapbox on my way home from work today and it is truly beautiful....I signed up right away..Don't miss your chance, you will regret it!

Susan Poulin

Alana said...

Oh how you have hit the nail on the head about how we never take enough time to play! Love the layout, Sorry I cannot take the class.

Rachel said...

JENN! That LO is exquisite! WOW WOW WOW! I think your word is amazing ... and I am looking forward to your playful self!

R :)

HeatherFeather said...

I LOVE your layout!!! It's a beauty!!! I truly hope you get to play with us more often, you DO deserve it but you will never catch up to me!!!!
muhahahahahah ;)

Stay Funny said...

Love your word!
a way my director and me we connect and play every year - is our anual snow ball fight in the parking lot.... kit fun!
Have a beautiful year full of playful memories!

Joanne C said...

I signed up for the class before Christmas and am glad I did. I saw the layout in person yesterday and love it. I hope I get to play with you a lot in 2011!

Barb said...

Awesome word, Jenn!
And an awesome Lo too. :)

jenn said...

Thanks everyone...I am already looking to next know Heather, you are going to be gone a whole week...i could get a few in before you come back...just sayin..

Jill Sarginson said...

I love that word Jenn! And now you have me thinking I need to play more with dd! :)