Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In a word? Awesome!!!

I had such a good time this last weekend with Debby Schuh and the lovely ladies that came from ALL OVER - Ottawa, Stittsville, Brockville, Nova Scotia - New York even!
Folks at the Chimo were great, and once we got tables that were actually big enough to scrap on (deeper than 18 inches that is) we were able to get down to some serious scrapping fun!

I want to thank everyone who pitched in and helped me set up and tear down, offered to help and greeted me with big happy smiles going in and coming out of the class rooms. It really made it all worth while and I totally am going to do it again (and already planning it too!)

I have more photos I want to put up, but it's taking a long time to upload atm for some reason. Will try again tomorrow!

Thanks again to everyone who came!


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Theresa & Keith said...

Thanks so much for putting this on! What a great weekend. You did an amazing job!!!