Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random thoughts...

"This makes me happy!", she said, out of the blue, but with great excitement.

This took me a bit by suprise. Let me try to explain…I usually see happiness. I hear it in a persons voice, but they are usually saying something else. And all too briefly we know what happiness feels like, but to hear those four words (just 4!) was kinda new to me. I suppose it was that I didn’t expect to hear such a simple and pure sentiment from an adult. And it didn’t take much (in my opinion) to make this person happy – she was in my Tim Tag class this past Saturday morning and just learned how to make a Grungepaper Rose. Real simple in the grand scheme of things but she openly declared it in front of a class of (mostly) strangers.

I can’t tell you how happy that made me! That made me happy.

Talk about therapy! This statement was declared a few more times and everyone in general agreed that getting inky and smooched (and maybe a bit sticky) wasn’t a bad way to pass a morning.

I had a ‘this makes me happy’ moment later on that weekend when I was picking away at a LO that has been a year in the making. I was going through an unexplored box of Fancy Pants Chipboard from the ‘Daily Grind’ line (yes it’s been that long) and I was just playing with the different pieces and evaluating different possibilities while sitting with my daughter (she was scrapbooking too – sort of) Out of nowhere, and completely unexpectedly, I had a swelling of *happiness* that rose within me. It was like taking a breath of clear country winter air, but without inhaling. It washed over me and I knew – I just *knew* what this lady was talking about when she said “This makes me happy!”. I turned to my daughter and said those 4 words to her, and she just nodded at me in complete understanding.

Then it struck me – it’s what children know all along! Being happy, living in the moment and doing what feels right at that time. It’s a recapturing of that innocence that, I thought, was lost to me. Through scrapbooking I can come full circle.

Thank you Rachel, for being happy in the moment and sharing it.



Joanne C said...

I can't wait for the March Tim class - I'm sure it'll make me happy too! I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself.

Stay Funny said...

Happy - happy... happy.... the best state of mind! Thanks for sharing your moment it's a good reminder... xx

Eklectik_diva said...

Ever walk into a place and the cherubs sing to you in an 'Awe...." type of song? This how I feel everytime I go into the Scrapbox - this place makes ME happy and of course the Queen and her Diva's who work there make it even happier!!

Barb said...

Yes, scrapbooking (and crafting in general) makes me happy. Thank you for sharing your story, Jenn!